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November 25, 2021
x by maxnort
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magic pen marking exploding the air

over-simple mass-market sweetened

for easier consumption-to-the-point

of excess and beyond so hopeful for

the future mired trite cliche holding

back the real person inside showing

only inanity insanity maniacal mania

smiling at the process the surprise in

creation immune to understanding or

even the expression of any message

this is my submission for dA's 20th; a styled copy of a graphic work. I must admit, however, I have let so many of the recent negative developments color my perspective. this isn't so much a copy of one work as it is a commentary on much of what is new around here. of course, it's perhaps more difficult to do that with an image - or maybe not - maybe it's all in how we interpret what we see
© 2020 - 2021 maxnort
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kwjibo-deviations's avatar

X-ceptionally brilliant!

alapip's avatar

And today a DD! Congrats, Max,

and have a nice Thanksgiving. :) pip

maxnort's avatar

thank you; I am trying. Chuck Mangione is on, playing Children of Sanchez

alapip's avatar

Chuck Mangione! When I shared an apartment in Rochester NY

with a bunch of guys from our hometown and surrounding area

[very early 60s] he was in his brother Gap's jazz quintet. We saw

them play at Sparky's on University Ave, dozens of times. He had

his 'bent horn' then, a gift from Dizzy Gillespie, I think. :)

maxnort's avatar

well, damn; a DD. ok, then. and Thank You.

the content does also seem to fit with this time of year; the day before black friday and all...

well, I'm going to listen to bill evans for a while; holding on to what sanity I can before the music all goes to hell, tomorrow

Tinselfire's avatar

That was the apocalypse in Kevin & Kell.

xlntwtch's avatar

It may take some a few readings to see (a lot of fine writing does), but this seems to me straightforward, well-composed, and it says so much - all things nicely in its favor. Congratulations on your DD!

alapip's avatar

On second reading:

Oh... Way to take it to them, Max. :clap:

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