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see, there are many police officers that, for one reason or another, use the symbol I derived this from as an icon for what they do. now, that icon represents a murderous vigilante who has no respect for the laws that the police are supposed to uphold. so, I decided to distance the 2 a little.
the vigilant, just as an archtype, lives in a consequence-free universe where they are not held responsible for their actions (where my problem with police adopting the icon comes from). So, I chose another creature that lives in a consequence-free universe for it's murderous activities: a cat.
...and domestic cats just happen to kill for fun more than any other reason. (and that's my message about officers who are supposed to uphold the law choosing to act as vigilantes instead. since they claim to not be acting out some racist agenda they must be doing it for fun)
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I suspect that maybe the "vigilante" ones who claim to not

be racist possible just can't admit that to themselves. :|