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I have been struggling with the boot on my throat so

long but the coffee is good today and the

pressure feels lighter smell of the mercenary bottom

not quite so foul not as if there is real hope but like

the stench of blind ignorance created by

short-sighted machinations of malevolent stupidity

serving the pervasive malodorous aura of greed

is finally fading

clearing it’s noxious poison maybe and

perhaps it is time to clear my throat

and *** I’ve probably written this before many times.

I probably will again.

but this time was dire. I almost lost my ability

it has been suggested that 6 months is a long time for a writer to be silent.
I disagree
6 years, maybe; if one hasn't even been scribbling on scraps of paper

but this work isn't about that suggestion
© 2021 maxnort
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...clear your throat and shout "f*king capitalist pigs! run things no more, ya bunch of piffling skronks! shoo!" or well, better yet, maybe just write more for now. shout this afternoon. good to see this poem. (:

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the world, even in the state that it is, seems to have made room for this; like it's okay to wave at people and call the idiots "idiots" again.

to be clear, I haven't felt this in a long time, and it feels so good

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ignorance, greed, and right wing immorality

sure has had its way lately... huh, Max?

too many of us just compartmentalize and

proceed as if it isn't there - but our silence is a sin

when the loudest moral complaints come from

the most habitual sinners - we must shout louder

good to hear from you :| pip