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Felicia Tigre aka Cipher by MaxMidnight026 Felicia Tigre aka Cipher :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 15 21
Dangerous Love: A light in the dark
Feet pounding against the ground. Suraya Yvette was running through the streets, running as fast as her Hyena legs would carry her, a backpack of cash she had stolen from new Brighton bank was on her back. And now because of her sloppiness she was now being chased by a cop, a fox as a matter of fact, adrenaline rushing through her veins, this fox was pushing her limits, forcing her to run faster than before. Every time she turned she could see him for a few seconds and she always noticed his piercing firey orange eyes. Sweat was dripping down from her forehead, heart racing, her instincts telling her to turn and fight, but her brain telling her to keep running, as her tail was in fact... a cop.
The officer seemed to have the grace of a gazelle and the speed of a panther, running slightly faster than her, gracefully evading obstacles. Jumping over fences, garbage cans, etc. She took a quick peek behind her, she was no longer being chased. She then continued to to run, smiling smugly as
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 1 4
New Heroes: Chapter Thirteen
Nala Priderock was walking through the streets, looking for her son Kion, she was very cross with her daughter for attacking her brother in such a way, she made him bleed, Kiara had never drawn blood from Kion. She walked into a store and pulled out her phone and pulled up a portrait of Kion and asked one of the employees, who was a badger;
"Excuse me, have you seen my son?"
"No ma'am, I'm sorry."
She moved on to the cashier;
"Excuse me, have you seen my son?"
"Nope, sorry." 
Then she moved on to the janitor, then the manager, then a few of the customers, until she came across a familiar mammal, a male lion in his early twenties, Teal eyes, a black/goldenish mane, and a claw scar over his right eye, the minute she heard his mild british accent she knew he was her first born son Navarro, he was wearing a sleeveless hoodie and tattered dark gray jeans, she could see he had scar on his shoulder, she also saw a Hyena-like girl walking next to him, she was extremely beautiful and she h
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 5 34
New Heroes: Chapter Twelve
The next morning, May 8th, 5:00 AM...
Kiara Priderock was lying down in bed, but not her bed, and she wasn't alone, she was presently in the bed of Marco Reyes, Wrapped in his tattooed arms. They were lying down on their sides, she opened her eyes, and found herself staring at his chest, she rubbed her head against it, and that's when she felt the scar she look very closely at it, it was a bullet wound scar, she wondered;
'Why would he have a bullet wound scar?'
She then felt all around his body he had a burn scar on his back, a claw scar on his abdomen, and a stab wound scar on his side.
'What has he been doing all these years?' she asked herself.
She then felt him stir from sleep, she moved her body so that she could be at eye level with him, when he opened his eyes for a split second the irises glowed yellow before he fully woke up and the glow went away, it was a little spooky, but she was still left gazing into his eyes, he gazed into her eyes as well, he couldn't believe he was i
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 3 28
New Heroes: Chapter Eleven
Kion was still speeding through the streets in a streak of smoke, until he arrived at Fuli's apartment building, he marched in and ran up to her apartment paw still over the wound on his face. When he arrived at her door he knocked on her door and she immediately answered;
"Kion, *gasp* what happened!?" She said rushing him into her apartment eyes locked on the wound in his face.
"My sister is what happened, I said something she didn't like and she attacked me." He summed up what happened in a simple sentence. 
"Huh, please, sit down so I can clean the wound." he then walked over to the sofa and sat down and made his way over to the sofa and sat down, she grabbed the first aid kit and sat down next to him and began treating his wound.
"*Hiss* agh, where'd you learn to treat severe wounds?" He questioned.
"My dad was an army medic, he taught me everything he knew before he passed away." 
"I'm sorry to hear that." He said, sympathetic with losing someone close, he lost his gran
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 4 82
New Heroes: Chapter Ten
Marco Reyes, a Spanish Jackal, stood in an alleyway half a block away from a bank owned by Victor Malone, an Italian mobster. Marco was wearing a sleeveless trench coat and damaged black leather pants, a plain white tank top, with playing card tattoos on both arms, his eyes glowing a dark yellow, wearing a bandanna over his muzzle a retractable Titanium staff in his left paw, wearing fingerless gloves, with an ear piece in his right ear, he tapped it and said;
"Drake, are you in position, are you ready?"
"Revved up and ready to drive." Drake Morgan spoke through the coms, his silver Lycan Hypersport parking around front.
Marco boldly walked out of the alleyway, staff extended and knocked out the guard closest to him as he entered the bank, the other guards pulled their guns out and pointed them at his head, yelling;
"Put down the staff and get down on your knees now!"
"You want me to put this down, payaso?" he asked mockingly as he twirled the staff in his paw.
"Put it down now!" they
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 4 57
New Heroes: Chapter Nine
Bryant was sitting in a chair, Celia had his arm resting On a table, with some needles in it taking a blood sample for her to study, Nick and Judy giving him a odd stare, Laurel was standing awkwardly to the side then Nick said in a frustrated tone;
"You took her down here, to our hideout, to tell her you used to be a Vigilante without telling me first, why?"
"Because she of all people deserved to know who I was before that night in the canal district, that I used to be Mister twister."
"Why would she deserve to know who you were?" Oliver asked as he walked in with Alexandra.
"Because I love her, because I vowed to myself that I would never keep a secret from her, she Deserves the truth, I owe her my life." Bryant retaliated, a hint of anger in his voice.
"Hey, cut it out you two, I've got something over here." Celia barked
They all walked over to see the screen on Celia's tablet, then Celia spoke;
"I've managed to isolate the parts of his DNA that contained Dark Energy it's almost com
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 4 34
Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Swords by MaxMidnight026 Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Swords :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 10 6
New Heroes: Chapter Eight
William MacGrath was standing atop The rooftop of the apartment building that he and his girlfriend lived in at nine thirty in the morning, Wearing a Black and Yellow leather trench coat, fingerless biker gloves, a black hood, military grade arm guards on his forearms, a carbon fiber shoulder pad on his right shoulder a strap going from it around his body, he was wearing a pair of belts around his waist, and wearing a domino style mask, a pair of black leather pants, electricity flowing outside of his arms. He had a scar resembling a claw mark across his face, accidentally given to him by his Girlfriend Sandra, he scared her when he found her scared and alone wandering through the fires that we're burning through the city that day. Ever since the day she had been attacked four years ago they were a happy couple, they even moved in together, they were happy, but then the blast happened now it's his duty to protect her, and make their home safe again. He had received enhanced hearing dur
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 3 38
New Heroes: Chapter seven
Lilli was waking up wrapped in the arms of her beloved Navarro, her face nuzzled into his mane, she in haled deeply through her nose, his musky scent filling her nostrils. Their legs and tails sweetly Tangled together. Her beige/gray stripped fur clashing with his golden fur. She then ran her paws up from his abdomen up to his chest then she felt his scar on his chest, it looked like a result of a bear mauling then she thought;
'He probably got it on one of his "nightly outings" but, I won't pry, he'll tell me when he's ready.'
Then she felt his grip on her tighten then she heard him moan and yawn, he was waking up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her head so that she'd be gazing into his eyes when he opened them. Her touch alone was enough to make him want to wake, to look into those gorgeous amethyst eyes, to smell her sweet scent, to feel the warmth of her heartbeat. His eyes began to open, The first thing he saw was the beautiful face of his lover, then she asked in
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 5 44
Alex Mercer by MaxMidnight026 Alex Mercer :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 11 0 Dante by MaxMidnight026 Dante :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 11 0 I, Frankenstein by MaxMidnight026 I, Frankenstein :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 11 27 Prometheus shuriken by MaxMidnight026 Prometheus shuriken :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 7 0
New Heroes Chapter Six
Ash Wilde, the adopted son of Marian Wilde and Robin Loxley, stood atop The roof of the Archer apartment complex, it was where he lived, he was wearing Hooded body armor underneath his light brown trench coat which he had his Batons sheathed in, military grade arm guards strapped to his forearms and elbows, he was wearing his collar up along with his hood which was blood red, wearing a black pair of pants with military grade shin guards strapped to his shins and knees, wearing a high tech gunmetal gray carbon fiber mask covering his upper head and jaw, a tactical visor inside the mask, a Quiver full of trick arrows and a pitch black bow with a Gunmetal gray hilt strapped to his back. Then he thought to himself;
'These are only a fraction of my arsenal, but, I need my mom to see that I'm not going to hurt her, I'm only going there for forgiveness.'
Then he thought back to when his blood Father and mother taught him in the way of the throwing knife and twin Katanas, his Father constantly
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 7 45
New Heroes: Chapter Five
It had been four days since the attack in Sahara Square, four days since President Morgan issued the Zootopia quarantine, the people of Zootopia, trapped in a city dying from radiation, only the mammals with powers are immune to the radiation. Jason Loxley had lost everything that day, he had run out of things to live for. Today, On May 1st, 2033, Victoria Loxley is being. Buried, Jason arrived at the cemetery via wraith dash he walked over to where they were they had her coffin and picked it up and with the help of Chase, Brent, and Nick he carried it to the grave site, they gently placed her coffin over the ground and then Nick, Brent, and Jason went to their seats and Chase stood behind her coffin facing the crowd of people who showed up which consisted of Victoria's adopted parents, Jason, Nick, Judy, Brent, Marian, Robin, and Talia. He then spoke the eulogy of his mother.
"Victoria was a gentle person, Kind, sweet, and also a strong, determined person, I never knew my blood mother
:iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 4 2,058


Ikkitousen by MatureAnimeLover Ikkitousen :iconmatureanimelover:MatureAnimeLover 2 0 It's not a hug, it's a birthday gift by Ziegelzeig It's not a hug, it's a birthday gift :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 32 14 Space Pirate Mira by Shonuff44 by HollandWorks Space Pirate Mira by Shonuff44 :iconhollandworks:HollandWorks 44 1 Miss Moocow by Blazbaros Miss Moocow :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 749 39 Mora exhausted by DACantero Mora exhausted :icondacantero:DACantero 36 0 Want to Write Comics For Us? by expansion-fan-comics Want to Write Comics For Us? :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 404 129 Sheila Vixen by Twilight-Sparkle86 Sheila Vixen :icontwilight-sparkle86:Twilight-Sparkle86 65 0 MBR_SabrinaEntrapped_AC08-9 by BondoFox MBR_SabrinaEntrapped_AC08-9 :iconbondofox:BondoFox 475 68 Salvus by DesertFoxKatbox Colors by MrAMP by MrAMP Salvus by DesertFoxKatbox Colors by MrAMP :iconmramp:MrAMP 156 11 Fine Assets by Avencri by MrAMP Fine Assets by Avencri :iconmramp:MrAMP 232 12 JulyComm-Flafty 2 by Neme303 JulyComm-Flafty 2 :iconneme303:Neme303 156 4 ZigZag by Twilight-Sparkle86 ZigZag :icontwilight-sparkle86:Twilight-Sparkle86 13 3 Art done by the ShoNuff44 by gzegzolka Art done by the ShoNuff44 :icongzegzolka:gzegzolka 130 23 Commission from Shonuff44 by NapalmKrillos Commission from Shonuff44 :iconnapalmkrillos:NapalmKrillos 281 17 There's Pleasure In The Pop! by Succisuccubus There's Pleasure In The Pop! :iconsuccisuccubus:Succisuccubus 116 25 AishaWorkout by MindScatter AishaWorkout :iconmindscatter:MindScatter 119 10



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Fake Friends

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
Felicia Tigre aka Cipher
My OC Felicia. this was a request done by a deactivated account so I'm reposting on my account.
Feet pounding against the ground. Suraya Yvette was running through the streets, running as fast as her Hyena legs would carry her, a backpack of cash she had stolen from new Brighton bank was on her back. And now because of her sloppiness she was now being chased by a cop, a fox as a matter of fact, adrenaline rushing through her veins, this fox was pushing her limits, forcing her to run faster than before. Every time she turned she could see him for a few seconds and she always noticed his piercing firey orange eyes. Sweat was dripping down from her forehead, heart racing, her instincts telling her to turn and fight, but her brain telling her to keep running, as her tail was in fact... a cop.
The officer seemed to have the grace of a gazelle and the speed of a panther, running slightly faster than her, gracefully evading obstacles. Jumping over fences, garbage cans, etc. She took a quick peek behind her, she was no longer being chased. She then continued to to run, smiling smugly as she made her escape.
"What a moron, no one can catch the black shadow assassin." She said to herself as she made a turn down an abandoned alleyway, she was a very clever hyena indeed, but it seemed that fox cop was just slightly smarter as she felt a swift kick to the abdomen that sent her flying backwards, he took off the backpack with his claws. She laid there watching the money spill from her bag through the holes left by his claws, she was in complete shock and awe that she had been caught, what would her employers think of this, she thought to herself. she then turned her attention to the angry fox that she was currently pinned under, she took in his features, firey orange eyes, jet black fur, finely toned muscles, she could see his abs through his tight suit, three claw tears on the outer edge of his left ear, the scar on the left side of his neck. But the most notable of them and her favorite were his firey orange eyes, she was completely and utterly lost in his eyes, until he bit her lip and she was snapped back into reality.
"Hey You! You have the right to remaining silent, anything you--" he was yelling but she just slipped back into her own world, she was in shock that he just committed such an act of affection, but what really surprised her is the fact she enjoyed it, it gave her a fuzzy jolt of pleasure, so much so that she leaned her head up and kissed him on the lips, she immediately felt her heart rate pick up pace and adrenaline rush back into her veins, her deeply rooted instincts urging her to take it a step further and lick the inside of his mouth, but her brain willed her to stop and pull back, she then saw the look of complete shock on his face, his grip on her loosened and she took the opportunity to escape, she headbutted him and then kicked him in the gut, he went flying but to her surprise he landed on his feet with the grace of a ninja, quickly regaining his balance.
She stared at the money on the ground and left it, picking up the backpack and running, she arrived at an alleyway and saw her ride at the end of it, she ran towards it when she arrived at the SUV an antelope, a cheetah, and a black bison emerged from the vehicle, each one baring the mark of the 1000 gang on their shoulders, All three were guys one the antelope was holding a sub-machine gun in his left hoof, the bison spoke up and said with an African accent;
"Do you have the money?"
"Yes." She said as she handed the bag to the bison, he proceeded to look inside it and said angrily;
"There is only half in here, where is the rest!?"
"It fell out of the bag, I almost got arrested getting that for your boss."
He the threw the bag to the antelope and then ordered the Cheetah to attack her. The Cheetah drew his claws and pinned her against the wall behind her, she couldn't escape from his grip no matter how hard she tried and just as he was about to kill her with his claws a shot rang out and the Cheetah fell to the ground, blood pouring out of the bullet wound in his leg. The bison turned to see a cop holding his pistol in both paws lethal rounds loaded in his pistol. The bison shouted;
"Get him!" The antelope then started shooting the cop jumped behind cover and waited for the clip to empty, once it did he sprung up from cover but was hit by a charging bison, the gun was knocked from his paw, when the bison started throwing punches he evaded and dug his claws into his thick hide, shredding through his tendons immobilizing him. The antelope then started shooting at him again, he got behind cover and didn't have his gun, Suraya was still debating whether or not to save him, in the end she decided to save him she got up and took the Cheetah's pistol and picked up the cop's gun too, then the fox lept up from his cover and got himself shot by the bison who still had his pistol, she shot the bison right in the shoulder and unloaded both clips into the antelope's chest. She saw the cop was unconscious and bleeding out, she used her hoodie to stop the bleeding temporarily and carried him to the SUV leaving the three gang members to die.
She then looked at him as she buckled him in she said to herself;
"He's kinda cute, if he weren't a cop I would..." She stopped herself from completing that sentence because she knew she couldn't restrain herself if she did. She then proceeded to head for her apartment, it was the closest from the scene and his wound needed to be treated as soon as possible, hospital would be too far.
Several hours later at her apartment, Suraya had just finished digging out the bullet from his shoulder and cleaning and stitching the wound, she was careful not to wake him. She got up to got wash her paws which was soaked in his blood, when she was finished she walked out to find the fox cop sitting up in her bed and glaring right at her, she gave a breath of relief, even though he was ticked off he was okay.
"Where am I, Where'd you take me?" He questioned.
"We're in my apartment, I took you here after you got shot. And I took care of the wound though you have suffered a mild concussion and I don't believe you can walk... For the next few hours at least." She said, try to convince him that he's safe.
"You, a criminal, brought me... A cop, to your home." His anger became replaced by confusion. "You have to be the worst criminal I have ever seen."
"Hey, I might be an assassin, but I do have a sense of honor." She stated calmly.
"Well... Honor or no honor... I don't think I can arrest you at the moment." He replied with a sigh.
"Why not?" She queried
"Because I don't think I can stand... That bison sure did a number on me." He said hissing in pain as he moved the wounded shoulder. "Why did you save me, you could've left me there to die, but you chose to save me why?" He asked curiously. 
"You saved me. You could've let them kill me but you didn't, and I am nothing without my honor, we are even now, you saved my life, I saved your life." Suraya saw his blank expression and expected him to ask about the gang members. She was shocked to hear him say
"Thank you." He said with a warm voice. Her eyes widened, she saw the unsureness in his expression, he was being sincere. 
"No problem...And why did you save me. I am an assassin, I kill people." She asked.
"You are a person... Killer or not those gang members would've killed you, The 1000 are known for being merciless." He said before groaning, he then decided to try to get up, he threw his feet to the ground and tried to stand up she rushed over and pressed her paw against his chest forcing him to lay back down, as she did this she said;

"Woah woah woah, what are you thinking? Trying to get up. you can barely stand!" She said with deep concerned in her voice. she found it strange, the concern the conviction in her tone. It felt... affectionate. 
"Understand Hyena, I-" he started but was cut off when she began to speak.
"What?" He said, confused
"That's my name, Suraya." She said as she found herself feeling very hot all the sudden as she realized she had her paw on his bare chest.
"Okay, Suraya, if I don't get back to the station Chief Wilde will start a war with the one thousand gang and many innocent people might get caught in the cross hairs." He shouted. she kept her paw on his, able to feel the warmth of his fur, his rapid heartbeat, how soft and fluffy his fur was, she loved it, she wanted more. 
"No, not until morning, besides it's almost night."
"I need to get back or people will die!" He said as he tried once more to get to his feet but she forced him back down.
"No I won't let you, you got hit and shot trying to save me, so I am bound by honor to take care of you tonight and take you to the hospital tomorrow, so like it or not you are staying here!" She said in a strict voice, her hormones screaming at her to kiss him. 
"Just listen to me, I get that you are trying to do the honorable thing, but with you being in heat it's not a good idea to keep me here." He said, she looked down and blushed.
"How-" she started but he cut her off
"I'm a fox, I can smell it on you." He said, embarrassment all over his face.
"You are not going anywhere, besides, What could happen?" She said.
There was an awkward silence between them, he stayed laying down until she turned around and saw he was asleep.
"Great, I was going to ask him his name." she said before making sure he was really asleep. She got up from the bed and decided to change clothes she took off her biker jacket, bandanna and was about to take off her shirt when the Fox cop's voice startled her.
"Ryan Faux, that's my name, Officer Ryan Faux." He said smugly. 
"And this Fox is a pervert now is he?" She said as she gave him a flustered glare.
"Don't worry, I'm not gonna look." He replied. She just rolled her eyes and took off her shirt and pants tossing them aside and putting on a looser shirt and Making sure her Butt was covered by her shirt. She turned around to see he had turn his back to her.
"Thank you Officer..." She said before getting in bed and he said;
"W-what... I thought you were in heat and didn't want to risk anything?" He stuttered. She simply smiled at the fact she made him nervous.
"Listen scarfox, I may be in heat, but I'm not sleeping on the floor and this is the only bed in the apartment, and you are in no condition to walk. So like it or not I getting in this bed with you." She said as pulled the covers over them. Her heart was jackhammering. This was her first time in bed with someone, the first time she was in bed while in heat. The first thing she felt when the got in bed was the urge to press her body against him, to press her lips against his, she fought the urge to kiss him but before she could stop herself she had pressed their bodies together, she looked up at him and and saw a look of confliction on his face. She was stuck gazing into his eyes, her Ocean blue eyes met his firey orange eyes. Their lips inches away from each other. He then said;
"Thank you for saving me, if it weren't for you I'd be the next story on the front page, Fox cop killed by gang members of the 1000 gang, would've been a helluva headline."
"You say that as if you are ashamed, why?" She asked, fighting back the urge to pin him down against the bed and strip him down and take off the remainder of her clothes and make love to him. 
"Because ever since my father's murder I wanted to be a cop, make sure no kid has to go through what I did, and if you hadn't stopped them I would be dead right now and I would've failed in my mission."
"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bring up such a sore subject." 
"No, I don't mind, we all have to live with our past." He said about to fall asleep, eyes already beginning to close.
She couldn't fight it back anymore, she stopped resisting her instincts and pressed her lips against his own and he fought it at first but then he let it happen, kissing her back giving in to his own instincts, arms wrapping tightly around her waist, ignoring the pain in his whole body as she pinned him against the bed they could feel each other's hearts race, and smell their growing hormones, his claws ripping her shirt to shreds, she was glad he did that saved her the trouble, she then decided to make it more heated by allowing their tounges to invade each other's mouths, she moaned in ecstasy and he gave off a pleasure-driven growl, it got more and more wild as the night went on.

They woke up next morning, completely naked, covered only by the bed covers, they were both drowned in each other's scents, his arms wrapped very tightly around her body, bodies pressed Very closely together, her claws digging into his skin on the back, each other's necks dripping wet with their saliva, legs tangled together. She was the first to wake up, it Took her about one minute to realize what was going on, she had made love to a guy she had only just met the day before. She should've been mortified, disgusted. But she wasn't, it was quite the opposite, she loved it. He woke up shortly after he was terrified, before they left the bed they promised each other to never speak a word of this to anyone ever again. She got dressed into her clothes and she then dressed him in his police uniform, and they left for precinct one, when they got there she helped him inside and one of the officers immediately noticed her and drew his weapon, another officer took Ryan to the hospital and she was arrested, without a fight. She was then escorted to interrogation, and she must have waited for three hours, then Chief Wilde himself walked in and sat down.
"Suraya Yvette, better known as the Black Shadow Assassin?" He asked calmly.
"Yes, that's me." She said head held high, Not even close to afraid.
"Why did you walk into my precinct this morning, Why did you let yourself get caught? We never even knew your name until three hours ago." He asked, completely calm.
"I was returning Officer Faux to you." She said, not afraid of what might happen next.
"Ryan is a trouble maker isn't he, he's told to wait for backup and goes chasing infamous killers anyway... Tell me, why did you bring him here, knowing you you would be arrested?" He asked, his tone more inviting than oppressive.
"He saved my life, I owed it to him to save his."
"His report says that a little more humbly, but you do agree that you're life was in danger and he prevented them from killing you, and you returned the favor and saved his when his was in danger?"
"Yes." She answered.
"Tell me, do you know what the most important thing in the ZPD is?"
"To protect the people, it's officers, and capture and detain criminals. Sir."
"That's right, and you did two of those yesterday, Now I believe Ryan has requested you at the hospital. Better get going." 
"What!? Your not going to put me in jail?"
"That's up to you Yvette."
She left the precinct and she got small looks of respect for her. She got to the hospital and she was directed to his room, when she got there she saw the smug look on his face.
"I knew ole bushy tail had a weak spot." 
"Oh, Ryan thank you for saving me from jail." She said as she kissed him on the cheek, she could still smell her scent on him.
"I took a gamble with that little stunt with the chief..."
"A gamble..."
"I bet him that you could turn a new leaf, that you would make a great cop." She she'd a single tear as her passed her the application form for the ZPD. She snatched it out of his paw and filled it out as fast as lightning. She thought to herself, it's time for a change.
Dangerous Love: A light in the dark
This is the Prologue of my newest story; Dangerous Love, it was inspired by the story 'Blue looks good on you', I hope you enjoy.
It has begun...
Schools out for me, I got a B on my geometry finals.
"Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake."


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United States
Real name: S. Estes
Favorite video Games: Prince of Persia, Overwatch, Batman Arkham series, injustice, Infamous series, Tron Evolution, Pokemon etc.
Favorite Movies: The Amazing Spiderman series, The star wars saga, lord of the Rings continuum, Transformers series, The X-men series, the Dark Knight, Zootopia, etc.
Favorite Villains: Deathstroke, Deadshot, Deadpool, Vandall Savage, Damien Darhk, Venom, Electro, Carnage, Cyborg Superman, Doomsday, Abomination, Kessler, The beast, Augustine, Reaper, etc.
My OCs: Nathan Zacharias Wilde, DeathShock, Zero, Venomous, Malware, Acerious, Encantor, and Scorch.
no. 1 fave anti-heros: Red Hood and Winter Soldier
my homies: twinboy1995,
MorozDaLisa, and
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