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The Witcher - Kiss

By maXKennedy
The Witcher Netflix - Geralt x Jaskier
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Why ship these two? Their orientations are well known.
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Look at that adorable tush!

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The lighting is so warm and classical. So pretty and soft.
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Wow, personally not my favorite but this is so well done. :aww:
Fuck, I might start shipping them now. :blush:
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1- this is amazing.
2- dat ass
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the two things i noticed first,
One: Jaskier's but...................(I'm not ashamed)
Two: THEIR KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!! XD :happybounce:Excited excited :excited:  
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Personally I don't ship them, but I can't deny this piece is beautiful! Great work!

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Shipping isn't creative.

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It's plenty creative when the franchise doesn't give it to you. =3
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Maybe there is a reason for it?

Shipping is basically smashing two dolls together making schoomie sounds.

It speaks volumes over someones mental capabilities and maturity.

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Love itself is often smashing faces together and making smoochie sounds, so there's that. Also, just because you're capable of doing things that don't require serious mental abilities, it doesn't make you automatically stupid. I bet you sleep as well, which requires absolutely no effort, and yet here you are, arguing with a forty years old postal worker who has written several full books' worth of fiction and codes websites in her spare time, the latter two in a language that isn't her native tongue. =3

Not to mention that shipping very often requires quite a bit of mental effort, because the pairings people ship usually have no canon support, so you have to make up the entire story yourself.

Why are you so jealous of girls enjoying themselves, hmm?
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SpOnGeBoB shIPping iSN't cREatIVe

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I'm starting to ship them so hard ;w; <3 Awesome job!

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Totally shipping them!

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