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Guardians of the Galaxy - We are groot

Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot x Rocket Raccon
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This scene was so beautiful:)

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He says we are one 
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nope he says we are groot (i wasnt sure but i looked it up to make sure lol)

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Gorgeous and evocative of that scene which makes me cry.
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Ugh, Rocket and Groot are such a duo<3
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Please don't tell me I was the only one who cried during this scene... I swear I cried an ocean
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You are not alone.
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the halo on these two heroes! ADORE!!!!
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I remember this scene so well, I love it!
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One of the saddest and most beautiful scenes in the movie
Judy Hopps (Aww) - Icon 
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Oh damn I totally missed this one!  :XD:  There are not a lot of art pieces out there can just get a tear to roll down my cheek within 15 seconds of viewing it.  This is one of them.   I hate to admit that this scene was definitely full of feelings for me and you captured it perfectly!  I know Im getting repetitive with "this is awesome" but really this is Amazing!   ;)
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Thank you! I was so much in love with Groot and Rocket, and this moment was so sad I was near crying right in the cinema. 
I'm waiting for the second movie, that's great that Groot is alive. I hope he will grow up, but his little version is cute too =) 
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Heart wrenching scene.
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That is just beautiful, I love the lighting, and the sketchiness of it, the position of the characters, everything is amazing.
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You're welcome!
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The George and Lenny of the Marvel Universe. 
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