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Doctor Who - 10th Doctor

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor
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the likeness is good, and the eyes are well captured!

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Don't turn your head, don't look away, and don't blink!  Good luck!
This is really cool
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WOW!!!! I'm a super big fan of Doctor Who (and David Tennant)! Great job on this! :happybounce:
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This drawing is wonderful!
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This looks awesome
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Amy Pond: How did he-

The Doctor: One word...Discord. Him reversing the frequency of his molecules caused a chain reaction that gave Linkara the Infinity Gauntlet back. But thankfully, it's all been taken care of. The Eye of Agamotto is back at the Sanctu Sanctorum, and the Infinity Gauntlet is back at the vault in Galifrey, alongside the Tesseract, the Aether, the Odinforce, the Orb and the Starheart.

Amy Pond: Ego's death, Princess Luna getting her Cutie Mark switched, Discord rejecting chaos...why can't the universe ever get a break?

The Doctor: I ask myself that same question a lot. 
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Looks good, now I really hope your; like myself, love 10 more than the rest.
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JESUS CHRIST! This drawing is literal perfection. What app did you use for this?
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Thanks! Photoshop CS as usual = )
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Thank you! ^__^
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