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Captain America: Winter Soldier - Don't leave

Captain America: Winter Soldier - Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
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what do you use to draw?

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:love: AWW :love: Steve is hugging Bucky and telling him that things will be okay :love:
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I know two people who are actually pissed because of how many people are gonna be C.A: civil war because as they put it "it'll take away from the screen time for these two"

adorable pair but I don't take it that far
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I doubt that that'll be a problem because the directors have stated over and over that focal point of the movie is still about Steve trying to find and reconnect with Bucky, as well as where Bucky's story goes post-Winter Soldier.
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oh god I will never get over these two!!! The bromance is sooo strong
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They are my favorite Marvel bromance (and that's saying something because they are a lot of beautiful Marvel bromances).
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One of the most true pairing to me =)
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Hug hug hug hug hug! HUG IT ALL OUT YOU TWO!
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We need to get Tony in here. If they all hugged it out, maybe there wouldn't have been a Civil War.
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Gnaaaaa~ it's adorable, I have to show it a friend of mine, she loves "Stucky"
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I so hope this gonna happen in Civil War. Bucky needs a hug!!
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Sure it will happens, they need to be together =) 
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Awww! *snuggle time is the best*
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