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Pitch not agree

Long time ago :iconpimander1446: asked me to make an icon with Pitch, but because of the other stuff, I didn't have time to make it 8(

But it's that time of the year again!: Pitch's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PITCH! 8D

Sorry for your present to be so small, but the bigger thing will take me a lot longer that I've anticipated O_O

Pitch belongs to :iconpimander1446:

Also, please check, if this is avalible for use. I could mess up something.
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Amazing as always!
The white surrounding pixels look off though, I usually set my background colour to black when exporting since those pixels are harder to distinguish.
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That's an interesting idea O_O I'll try to do that next time, when I'll be doing something with transparent background.
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I'm trying to remember from whre was that expression originally...
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First episode of the 5th season, if I remember correctly 8/
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Pitch not agree Pitch not agree  hahahaha xD
So cool!! Thanks a lot! Its wonderful XD I'm sure people is gonna LOVE using it! ^^

Those pigtails look like kinda messy hair xD What happened to her? They are anymore round ball shaped XD
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(Told you it would happen)
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You're welcome XD

They're round ball shaped, but because it's a tiny animated gif, the quality is bad 8/

Let's say, she just woke up 8P
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xD ahahah Well, i guess the bad quality made her pigtails spiky xD heh

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Pitch does NOT approve of your shenanigans.
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YOLO! 8D No risk, no fun 8)
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it's not avalible for me :( or at least i couldn't find it
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Try search the full title.
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i tried it you way and there it was....
i tried it my way again and there it was
Pitch not agree I am a dummy! 
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So maybe it needed some time to activate properly 8/

Anyway, we'll have more Pitch on dA now 83
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do you get notified whenever someone uses the icon?
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Yep 8) I will know about every icon 8)
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well then...prepare for exploding inbox ;P

i was actually thinking about making a pitch icon myself for her B-Day but it takes longer than expected...i guess she will have to wait another year for me to finish it in time XD
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I like reading commebts 8)

It took me about 3-4 hours to make it 8) It's only 15 frames long 8)
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