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September 21, 2007
If you want to tune up your Tiger system and give it the new look of Leopard, you only need to install the amazing OSX Leopard 9A527 Theme by ~maximusgratus.
Featured by mauricioestrella

OSX Leopard 9A527 Theme

This is the next step in the liger theme history.
What to do.
Go to this address if u dont have the liger package already:
Download the package.

Download my OSX Leopard 9A527 package.
In shapeshifter set the Osx Leopard 9A527 theme
Set the original Liger blue iconpack
Set the wallpaper from the OSX Leopard 9A527 Theme
Then go to the folder: /libary/application support/liger
and change the ligermenubar file to the one in this package
Log out/in.
Thats all..
© 2007 - 2021 maximusgratus
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SpotsBox's avatar
hey please send me another link to download thank you
Maxpein's avatar
it looks all good in the picture but when u intall it its different...
nightmare333's avatar
It's for windows? or for mac?
sweeeeet dude i like it
Kazron's avatar
is there a theme with green button for max and yellow for minimize?
is dis for mac or windows?
Quattrophobia's avatar
stuffit says it's unable to unarchive :(
How do i use this? Seems like a stupid question, but is this for Windows or Mac?
FragilexxArtist's avatar
apple copyed vista with the trasparent menu bar
KamiL02's avatar
Correction: Vista copied Leopard lol
FragilexxArtist's avatar
lol thanks for the correction of my mistakes:P
dsynk's avatar
Looks better than Vista tho... :D
FragilexxArtist's avatar
shaufan's avatar
thanks a lot ! *.*
neorotic's avatar
Hey man, really nice theme! How do you get the hard-drives to display their sizes?
YoshiGuy91's avatar
ctrl click your desktop, click show view options, and tick "show item info"
moroka's avatar
Great theme :)
Michel8170's avatar
This looks fabulous

Very well done, I like it a lot :)
sunabora's avatar
Gratulálok az DD-hez :)

(mostanában gyakran kapják magyarok :D )
Ipnorospo's avatar
uhm... i think liger leopard is much better, well because it looks more than real leopard (even if this one is a fine look for me, but not similar to leopard)
aimingforlogical's avatar
I agree...
(I don't think this should be a daily deviation... I mean, Look! It's a screenshot!)
FranceHopper's avatar
Sorry but this got a DD? It's looks almost nothing like the real Leopard. I think Liger was actually more on track.
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