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The Great Owl

By maximusfox
Meeting the Great Owl, from The Secret of Nimh!
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Remember, the lee of the stone.
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You're amazing! I love how you made his eyes glow like that. Looks like a screenshot straight from the movie. Wow! 
mr owl how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop ?
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The great Owl could have eaten her if he didn't know her relationship with Jonathan brisby.
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Her family would fall apart if he didn't know.
One of my favorite characters.
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Stunning! Love that owl.
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Very nice piece my dear! :)
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I am the Guardian of the Gate of the Ficticious. ha ha ha.
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This was one of the best parts in the movie.
You shall not pass! Get your wizard on that balrog mrs. Brisby!

Thios was a wonderful work on an very underappreciated animation.
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Twas indeed! ^^ Thankee
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This... is AWESOME!!!
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i use to watch this movie 24/7!!!!i love this
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Isnt it great !!! Thanks
That scene scared the crap out of me when I was a kid :lol:

Great movie if I ever saw one :)
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I recognized this right away and I haven't seen this movie in ages. Oh, the nostalgia!
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You know, I never really understood if he was supposed to be transparent in that shot, or if it was just a fluke.

Either way, well done!
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