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- Please don't post spoilers.
- Don't bash another's art or group.
- Respect each member of this group.
- Report art theft to the admin.
- Submit your art to the right folders.
- We accept OCs again!
- Have fun and respect each other’s opinions.
- Retraces of Manga art or anime art isn't allowed in the group gallery.


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DISCLAIMER:This group is dedicated to showcasing fanart, fanfictions and fan characters related to the Maximum Ride series written by the award winning writer James Patterson, which features a group of genetically engineered kids with animal characteristics. No admin owns the series or has any affiliation with the Author themself. This group is purely for fun and to showcase our creative fanbase and talk.


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Fan groups are a fun way of showing off your fanart or meeting other fans, so check these out!


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Please check these groups out if you're looking to rp and meet other fans with ocs of their own.


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Meet other fans of the books in your area, if there isn't a group for your place, make one!



Her page on dA: AliAvian

Our very own Max in the making, please support her too!

Her page on dA: IAmEmilyK

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Amazing all time Faves of the group.

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Gallery Folders

Halloween Contest
Maximum Ride Halloween contest by glindalover
Halloween: Maximum Ride by brittanyfay
MaxRide: Happy Halloween! by PrismerPanda
MR- Summer Air by AliAvian
Maximum Ride by american069
She Can Fly! by CaptainElsa
(Maximum Ride characters) Max by MaximWolf
Fang by emilythesmelly
Pansexual Fang by fictionalpride
MR: Fang and the Magic Conch by AliAvian
Broken Immortal by Iggy-1-55-306
Iggy, My Lanky Blind Bird Boy by emilythesmelly
Homosexual Iggy by fictionalpride
Blind Guardian by Iggy-1-55-306
Iggy!! by Indiana-Time-Rider
MR- Chibi Nudge  by AliAvian
MR- Manga Volume 10 (Fan-made) Cover by AliAvian
MR: Nudge Genderbend by AliAvian
Happy 17th birthday dA by Ch4rm3d
Don't Text and Fly! by MaximWolf
Problem Child by Sallyrah
Defiant Youth by Iggy-1-55-306
The Gasman - I Can Do Anything by KindofanArtist
wow its a reeedraaaaaaaw by Linkfann100
Why don't you try.... MOTHER? by flickrBLITZshimmer
Angel For President 2016 by AliAvian
MR: Be Mine Angel by AliAvian
Hello, I Love You by AnthemHearts
(Maximum Ride characters) Dylan by MaximWolf
Dylan Maximum Ride by sbrigs
Maximum Ride Dylan with wings by sbrigs
Total by converselover24
Puppy Love by thezombifiedpeep
Total Avatar by HaleyGottardo
Total by Rock-N-Draw23
Ari by xJeffthekillerx01
The Flock
MR- 2020 by AliAvian
Fang's Gang
MR: Fang's Gang by AliAvian
Zack by JPO-64
Whitecoats and Adults
Old laboratory by IvanLaliashvili
Side Characters
Traveling Buddies by Sallyrah
Zack Ride by JPO-64
MR- For the Win by AliAvian
Other pairings
MR- Nudge x Iggy  by AliAvian
Team MNIF by AliAvian
MR: Why Jeb Really Left the Flock by AliAvian
Anatomy Compilation by MaximWolf
Fan Comics
Ascending Volume1 Pg69 by MaximWolf
Fan Fiction

Mature Content

Fan's dream casts
Maximum Ride Other Casting by FightingFireWithFire
Fan covers
Fan Art Collab_The Hitman's Bodyguard by MaximWolf
Contest art
MR: Happy Halloween! by AliAvian
Valentine's contest
OC Trade
Maximum Ride OC for PandaMellie by LazyOrchardStables
Maximum Ride Forever

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Group Info

:floating: What's this group about?
This group is a fanclub for all things Maximum Ride, a series of books by award winning author James Patterson. Here we gather art, hold contests, show you to other groups related to Maximum Ride and talk about the series.

:floating: What is Maximum Ride?
Well, it's a series of books for young adults about 6 kids who have wings, because they were made in a lab and so they have 2% bird DNA. Maximum Ride, or Max as she's known to her flock, is the lead character, a 14 year old girl who isn't afraid to fight to protect her family. Max's flock consists of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel, and their dog Total.

The series follows their adventures as they try to figure out who and what they are, what their purpose is, and where they fit into the bigger picture. They face lots of dangers along the way and learn how to survive in new ways.

:floating: How active is this group?
This group is very active, with at least one admin on at a regular basis to answer questions and approve of join requests and art.
Founded 13 Years ago
Nov 8, 2008


Group Focus
Maximum Ride

2,001 Members
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Our amazing admin, making sure the group runs at it's best.




Feel free to send in affiliation requests.


If you're a Max Ride group send the group a note.

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