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Some people might remember the old X-Forked comic me and a friend did a while ago, and might've noticed all the reference sheets I had been making lately.  I actually have a reference sheet for Bubbles too, tho it needs inked, then colored at some point...oops.  Anyways, this is meant to be the whole X-Forked gang once they're all together, kind of a comic book cover style I suppose.  Don't think I've ever drawn a group pic before with this many characters in it...wheeee!

Left to right, Magnetman (Arthur McAdams, only human in the group, stealing Max's wallet as vengeance for when Max stole his and used it at a stripe club), Cannon (with an armadillo he probably stole from a zoo), KC (Knight of Canada, she's enjoying the shenanigans and mischief), Max(imum Overdrive, having much concern about the armadillo), Batteryman (crazy mechaniloid turned reploid who doesn't understand personal boundries), and Hayate the Ronin (one of the few animal reploids who didn't go maverick and has very strict personal boundries), along with Bubbles the Rayjet in the back.

The group name X-Forked was a random spurt idea, but I actually do have a story reason for it (short version, it's a typo lol), and Flaming Hamster Comics is the joke name me and Adam made for our "publishing company" (which basically consisted of me and Adam lol).

Magnetman, Cannon and Batteryman belong to :iconkirbunkle:, rest of the characters are alllll mine.
Hayate the Ronin clr
Alright, probably call this good...also quickly wrote up her bio, get the basics down. The other name you see is her original name before she changed it (she had a much more traditional animal Reploid name originally). Anyways, enjoy the wall of text!

Hayate the Rōnin (originally Sonic Chiro)
Age: 33
Height: 5’4
Weight: 195lbs
Assignment: Currently a mercenary that occasionally works with the Maverick Hunters
Special Abilities: High-maneuverability flight, high-precision hearing, sonar, grippy feet
Weapons: Collapsible hankyū (shortbow) with arrows that have interchangeable heads, katana and wakizashi with monomolecular blades

Str: 5
Dex: 6
Con: 6
Int: 7
Wis: 9
Cha: 5
Spe: 6
Cou: 9
Fir: 6
Ski: 10
Arm: 7
Ins: 3

Fiercely independent, but honorable, she can be a bit standoff-ish, especially towards strangers, and she can barely stand kids (her wings have been tugged on one too many times). However she still has a good nature and is willing to help those in need. She is a bit OCD, especially concerning her ship, a Mk IV small personnel carrier Rayjet codenamed “Bubbles”. She has a fondness for the arts, especially watercolor and calligraphy, and does some herself in her off-time. Tends to stay away from crowds and large events, as the massive noise levels are an irritant for her. When she finds people who she feels are worthy, she can become loyal almost to a fault. Her standards tho tend to be fairly high, especially after the rebellion of Sigma and the other animal Reploids, and so she has become prideful of her status as a rōnin. She often gets discriminated against by both human and humanoid Reploids alike for being an animal Reploid. While she mostly tries to ignore it, it’s a constant gripe she has to deal with on a daily basis, causing her to often get huffy when dealing with people.

Hayate has incredible hearing, able to use it to pinpoint a needle being dropped in an eggcrate in a padded room from over 1000’ away. She’s capable of using sonar, and can memorize everything in a room after one pass of the echolocation. Being based off of a bat, she has flight capabilities. While she’s not as fast as some of the other flying Reploids like Storm Eagle or The Skiver, she can still out-maneuver them easily, being more agile in the air and able to turn on a dime. With her clawed hands and grippy feet, she’s able to hang onto nearly any structure, as well as carry loads in her feet. She’s very adaptable to changes in situations, especially in battles.

Her main weapon, her hankyū (shortbow), is collapsible and located within her left arm. The string is comprised of hard light instead of a physical string, enabling her to fire energy shots as well. She also has a quiver of physical arrows as well, in which she can change out the tips to serve various purposes, such as ones loaded with an EMP burst, an explosive charge, or even surveillance. She keeps the shafts in the quiver, and loads the tips via a small hatch in her left arm, which has a rotatory table inside to change between the different tips. She also carries a pair of swords like the samurai of old, tho the blades on hers are monomolecular, and able to cut thru almost any substance.

Between the betrayal of Sigma and many of the hunters, as well as the discrimination she receives, Hayate has a hard time working with anyone. After being on her own for years, she has grown accustomed to not having anyone to rely on, and so has become wary toward strangers, rarely bothering to get to know them.

Originally Sonic Chiro was built for exploring large areas, especially caves. During an expedition to Japan, she fell in love with the culture, and especially the history. She changed her armor and armaments to reflect the ancient samurai class, and ended up changing her name to Hayate. While she continued her job for many years, the threats of Mavericks started to steadily increase, and after personally dealing with a threat herself, she went and joined the Maverick Hunters, looking to put her skills to the test in combat. She worked herself thru the ranks, and eventually joined Sigma’s 14th unit, remaining with the unit until the mass defection. Altho she attempted to stop the coup, she was nearly killed before being left behind after refusing to join the rest of the animal Reploids. Afterwards, she left the Maverick Hunters, saying they should’ve known this was going to happen on such a mass scale, and declared herself a “rōnin”.

Hayate eventually became a mercenary, doing various jobs mostly for income, but especially ones that call on her battle prowess. She acquired the Rayjet as payment during one of her jobs some years later. While her work sometimes brings her into the Maverick Hunters crosshairs from time to time, she rarely clashes with them. Down the road, she finds herself getting involved fairly regularly with the 404th unit, the X-Forked, and becomes an unofficial member with the other misfits.
Hayate the Ronin
Ok so, another Reploid OC that'll be part of the X-Forked group along with Batteryman, Magnetman, KC, Cannon, and Max.  Looking at the group combo, and decided they needed a flyer of some kind, and went with an animal reploid.  I have a full background for her (yes her), but I'll attach it to the colored piece when I get done.  She'll be colored similar to the Hayate aircraft she was named after (tho think about having a running gag of her being called "Frank" cause that was the Allied name for the aircraft heh).

Yep, robot bat samurai lady...the world totally needed this.

Edit - Fixed the image...all my cropping and moving outlines were still showing...oops.
Jericha you lil thief
My Bisharp currently, named Jericha...she's a bacon thief.  The lil turd.  It's not so much that I'm upset that she stole bacon...but rather at the thought that she probably won't share it with me.

I love the noises they make tho, like a metallic hissing, tho when upset they kinda chitter heh.  It's adorbs.
War Rig Beast
Some might remember the old beastie here based on the War Rig and various other vehicles from Mad Max Fury Road. It haz colorz nao. Lulz. There's some random panel colors in there too heh.


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Skin of choice: Tough armor preferably.

Favorite cartoon character: Jazz, Hammerstein, Heatwave, robots in general

Personal Quote: I percision scribble! (Yes I know it's spelt wrong lol)




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