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Quick update
I don't post much on my dA page anymore.  Most of the time, I just check messages, then post a finished, or something close to finished, artwork. If you ever want actual updates on me, including work in progresses which includes videos of me inking, or general updates, you need to either follow my Tumblr at or look me up on Facebook (I'm most active there, however I do post art updates on my Tumblr). I just don't really post wips on dA cause the whole upload system is kind of a pain in the ass to work with on mobile, which is where most of my wip photos tend to come from.
Possible commissions opening
I'm debating on whether to open up for commissions.  Don't have set prices yet, but some things I would offer would be sketches, black and white drawings, inkings and coloring via pencils or possibly Photoshop.  Subject matter would probably be whatever. I would have a few rules such as:   -Nothing violent graphic or pornographic -If you commission an OC of any kind, please provide references! -I can say no to any request without reason given (most likely I would give you a reason tho). Various sizes of drawings would be available.  You would receive a digital file as well as the original artwork with the commission, so shipping costs wo
Random update
I don't really write journals on here anymore, but thought I'd give a random update.  I also have a FB page for my art as well, if you want to follow it. As a note, if you want to use any of my art as a reference, or to use in another pic, or to color any of my line art...go right ahead, you don't have to ask first!  All I ask in return is when you're done, show it to me!  I'd love to see it! About art trades and commissions...I don't really do them anymore as I am absolutely horrible about getting them done.  But it doesn't hurt to ask, the worst thing that can happen is I'll say no. (I swear at some


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GuyverMasterOmegaHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!
:cake: :)
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Okay SO I just wanna say!! I'm so glad I found your art :D

I ABSOLUTELY love your art style!! I'm a huge fan of robots and animatronics, and the level of mechanical detail you put on each of your drawings is beautiful!! :squee:

I hope one day I'm able to commission you!! I'm incredibly curious to see what my animatronic cat Furball looks like in your style! You can find him on my profile :3

But anyways, I'm happily giving you a watch and a Llama!! Keep up the amazing art :hug:
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MaximumOverdriveHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm usually not open for commissions, so dunno when that could be lol.  However,  I currently am in the art fight so you could try me there, at
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Awww, darn! QWQ I would love to artfight you, but unfortunately I can't draw ;w; Maybe next time!
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DylanCArtStudent General Artist
You are awesome my friend.
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RieceTheWolf106 Digital Artist
You remember my request?
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RieceTheWolf106 Digital Artist
do you take requests?