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This poster map of the known world of Elandaria is a piece commissioned by the writer Tom Baker for his current book project. Done in Photoshop, original size 61"x23".

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Excellent job! two thumbs up!
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is it possible to purchase the full size image? I've been looking for something like this for so long and its the perfect size!
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Absolutely beautiful!! 
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Beautiful work, just gorgeous. I've started my map-making hobby only a year ago, and I have a loooooong way to go.. Looking at maps like yours feels rather depressing at the moment. :D

A question, if you don't mind: is that beautiful look of an old paper surface done by using Photoshop effects/filters, or is it some sort of texture? (hopefully you know what I mean, I'm very tired right now and it feels like my English is betraying me)
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Thank you very much :) The "paper" is a combination of several textures with several blending modes.
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In that case, may I ask where do you get those from? I only seem to find really tiny ones that are completely useless when working on a big file...
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Actually I can't really say. I have grabbed some here and there all along the years and also made my own ones.
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I'm so jealous. XD

I whish I could make worlds like this.
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How do you make your dashed line borders on this map? I've tried and tried to find a way of doing it, but it seems incredibly difficult every way I've seen.
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What software do you use?
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Adobe Photoshop CS6.
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Easy : pick a brush and go in dynamic shapes parameters, double shape, and play with setting adjusting the spacing option to get some dashed line.
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Amazing work here, reminds me of the world map of A Song of Ice and Fire 
I love this so much. Absolutely stunning. 
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Great map! Despite being completely different from my style, I love it :) I won't get into details about the names and all since that's not your responsibility and all the other users already mentioned them and their flaws. Anyway, as for the map itself, looks neat! Great work :)
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