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Chapter 3 Mikey's butterflies

Normally, after a mission, Micheangelo would go to chillout with a slice of pizza and a good comic book... but this day, he felt really weird. He walks to the kitchen and opens the refrigirator, somehow his stomach didn't feel for eating... He placed his hand over his belly and grunted; he was a little worry about it, he never has felt full after a mission... He didn't even has eat nothing in hours! As he closed the refrigirator he decided to sit and rest his head in the central countertop; he has a sudden dizzy feeling in his head. Why did he felt so strange?
A sound appear in his shellphone; it happens anytime that when someone in the My Face, so-so Social site put a comentary or sumbits something like images or music. He only has a few persons as friends: April, Casey, Murakami-san... Irma... Irma. He check the site, and yes, it was Irma who has put a comentary: "Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day... It sucks! :(". Without reason he smiled at that... It was weird. Reading one of her comentaries, cheer him up a little... Then, his brain started to flashing memories about her: the first time they met,the first thing he knew about her it's that she has some good lungs to scream; when he and Irma started to talk and be friends; some funny moments with her... Her laughing... The sound of her voice... her smile... his head was getting dizzier, but in a pleasant way. He find himself staring dazed one of Irma's photos that he take once... Since when Irma was so pretty? He wondered.

His taller brother surprise him puting little heart icons around of one of Irma's photos. Hearts! In was he was thinking?! As he share with his brother about how did he feel suddenly about Irma, about that he suddenly likes her funny personality, her laugh,... Her cute face... ... He has a crush. A crush over Irma. A crush over his best friend Irma!! That frigthered idea has turned into a great emotion in his tummy; and he like it!
Today's exercise was The Last Turtle Standing. There's no doubt that Mikey was always the first to fall, but he didn't mind... At least he always thought. Before to start it April and Irma entered in the dojo and sit to see the boys in action. In the single moment that Mikey saw her, he felt warm all over his head and heart; he could see her over Donnie's shoulder... And she was watching, he swore that she was watching HIM!
"Hajime!" As Splinter said the star word, Mikey felt himself full of corage and started to attack Donnie. It was so fast and easy to hit him, his brother fell the first, and not him!
"Booyakasha!!" he yell of joy,specially when he could hear Irma making a sound of amaziness. He wanted to see her, but suddenly he was attacked by his oldest brother Leo. Mikey did block the katanas with the nunchuks and tried to hit him with them, but Leo dodged and countered. He did a back flip that hits Mikey in the face with a kick. The orange masked manage to do a flip in the air, recover balance and rammeb into Leo but Leo turn around and punch him with part of the free hand he has, it made Mikey falls and roll to the east side of the room. Leo stood still, like he was posing.
In the floor Mikey saw his brother doing this pose... He also could see Irma impressed; he aslo belived that Leo was staring her... A way that Mikey didn't like it at all! A strong impulse arose within him... Strong enough to make him throw the chain of his kurasigama into his oldest brother's ankle and pull to make him fall. One second later, the feeling of regret appeared in his head; making disappear another... He was feeling angry...
“Yame!” Splinter voice rose serious and walks in direction to Mikey. In his head the sentence 'I'm in trouble' echoes in his head.
When the trainnig was dismissed, Mikey was the first to go out from the dojo, and walked straight into the kitchen... This time felt emberrasment, he never has done any harm to Leo. But he wasn't worry about his brother; he was for Irma! He acted like a jerk and cheater in front to her; all that he could think in that moment was in what Irma has thought about him. And then, he started to walk in circles in the kitchen,thinking and thinking... Over and over... Over and over... He was feeling stressed! And his gut was jumping!
He needed to talk to the only brother who knows about his love problem, so he went to the lab... At the moment that he saw the glasses girl going out from the room, his body acted by itself and he hide, with the heart beating so hard that it was choking him. He let go a long breath when she has left. He entered in Donnie's lab and closed the door.
"Hey." The olive skin color turtle say as he saw his baby brother. "Are you ok?"
"Yeah..." he said,but he wasn't smiling, he was keeping walking. "No... I don't know! For once that I beat Leo..."
"It surprised all of us..."
"But I cheated!"Mikey said rising his voice and interrupting his brother.
"Well,you could have done the same in a real battle." Donnie said.
"Yeah, but... Huh..." He grunted puting his hand on his low plastom. "Here it goes again..."
"Are alright?"
"It's my belly, I think it's sick..." Mikey answered, and his brother came close to him worried. "It feel weird."
"It hurts?" Donnie asked as he pressed his fingers on his stomach.
"Do you feel or want to puke?"
"Nuh Huh..."
His taller brother gave him a look... And he crossed his arms. "You feel it any time you think about Irma?"
Mikey's eyes opened wide."Yes!" And the he put his hand on his belly again. "It's happening again?!"
Donnie let go a chuckle as he walked to the table, followed by the innocent Mikey. "That's only the reaction from your brain, that it's segregating endorphins and hormones..." He stoped as he saw the turtle's clueless expression. "Your stomach it's telling you that you're in love... It's like you have butterflies inside."
"I have bugs!?" He asked pressing harder. "Well... Does that explain why I feel nervous...?" His tall brother rolled his eyes to him, Mikey cleared his throat. "Right now, I've see Irma and... I hide! Like she was, dunno, a gorgon, just that she's pretty and..."
"That's normal; it's how I felt about April when she started to came in the lair." He said softly "I think she's in the main room. Why don't you go to talk to her?"
"...!" Those words made his face getting red fastly; he DID wanted but... "Huh... But... What will I say...?"
"Just be natural..." Donnie softly said to him pushing him into the lab entrance, his baby brother was trying to not move his feet so he coudn't get pushed. "You guys are friends. Do what friends do: talk, made some jokes, watch TV..."
Finally, the tall turtle manage to push him out of the kitchen. Mikey look to his brother, seeing how he wave his hand cheering him to do it. He took a deep beath.

She was checking two carnival masks in the coach, one golden with silver lines and another white with a veil. He decided to use this to start.
"Nice masks!" That was the first thing that he managed to say with naturally to Irma.
“Thanks.” Irma said turning around towards to him, still sit and showing him. “It’s for the ‘Valentine’s Marquareade’ dance of tomorrow…” As she spoke, he gives a little jump and sits beside her. “Mine is the one with the veil.”
“But it’ll cover all you’re face…” He commented.
“That’s the idea! It will make me look mysterious…” On that sentence, she placed the mask in front of her face using a low tone; she chuckled… The sound of Irma's laugh was for Mikey's hears... Melodic, a wonderfull sound. And her jokey side, was something that he adored about her... He really do: her sound... her smile... her face... “What is it…?” When Irma interrupted his daze, Mikey's nervous came back fastly.
“Nothing!” He slighly shook his head and look away from her.
“Yeah, right…” Irma said suspicious. “Nothing that you want to tell me…”
“Honestly! Huh…” His heart started to beating so fast! He has talk to her, the have fun for a moment... “Soooo… Want to see the T.V.?”
“Huh, sure. Are you alright—?”
“I’ll make some popcorn!” Mikey said as he jump off the coach and walks fastly to the kitchen.
It took seconds to put the bag of popcorn inside of the microwave oven and three to have them really. In those minutes, he was tolding to himself to get calm; deep breathing, in and out... "You can do it..." he wishpered... The microwave has finished, he put the popcorn in a bowl and run to the main room.
“Got the popcorn!” Mikey yelled cheering as he jumped next to Irma seat.
“Oh, you’re going to watch TV?” That voice was from Leo, he didn't noticied that he was here. “Count me in.” And he sit next to the other side of Irma.
Mikey did tried to enjoy the TV show but he couldn't. First, we wasn't a big fan of Space Heroes; and second his brother Leo was next to her whispering some cometaries about the episode. That made him feel so unconfortable... And it got worse when Raph join them. He wasn't so close to her but he did came close to her to get some popcorn; his face seemed to have a blush, and his face... Mikey clenched his fists without knowing why. Why he was feeling so threatened by his brothers? Irma moved to get confortable in the seat, and her shoulder and part of his arm was touching him. The touch that he could feel by his arm... It was so soft. So nice to feel her skin... And he could detect the scent of her perfume.
The time passed and the human friends has left. Mikey wanted to talk to his brother about this and that he's starting to feel unconfortable with Leo and Raph; but he couldn't find him in the lab. Instead, he found in his desk some colorfull colors that catch his attention. It was one of the things that Irma has bring to help his brother to do something romantic to April. Ideas to earn the heart of the girl that he liked. Things than maybe Irma liked, he thought. He 'borrow' some of them;he didn't peek what he was taken, he just took it and run off into his room. He locked himself inside, and sit on his bed reading what he has take. It was names that he didn't even know who are, flirting phrases, a drawing of Cupid, rhymes... What he was reading was poetry! He wondered if Irma liked poetry...
His eyes was getting heavy... Heavier, and heavier...
That smell... Sweet smell... A fog was in the space, and by one step Mikey could feel something moving fast. Then, he felt something on his closed mouth, something fluttering! As he open it... A lot of butterflies, with beautiful pink wings, came out from him. The dark sky was fastly full of these colored insects amazing the eyes of the turtles. Did all came from him? Many of them flew down and the fell on his arms and hands, it tickles him. But it wasn't his giggles that he heard. He turn around and he saw a figure, that was raising the hands trying to gently touch a few of the butterflies. Dark haired, short... And that scent again... It's Irma. He couldn't resist to walk to her. The body of Irma turn around still with her left hand up, a butterfly was making circles around it. He slowy rise his hand and touched the fingers of that hand, the touch of her skin was so soft. He adored the warm of her hands, he felt that he will ever trust her; save. On that touch Mikey eyes met with hers she gave him a warm smile. With he other hand he touched her other arm; she was so close to him... And her lips... He just wanted to kiss her. So close to her face... His eyes were closing...
Gasping, Mikey raised his head by the sound of his shellphone; awaking him from that dream, he has felt sleep in the bed. He whimper sadly, he was so close to get his first dream kiss! He checked his phone, one of his followers has sumbited a comment at the seven o'clock to the morning.
"Stupid VaniliaIceMacarroni..." He hissed angry. "You ruin my first kiss in my Dream Land!!" He started to typed a message full of anger; but he stoped in the moment he read what the guy has wrote: 'Cupid it's in his way, delivering love!'. Where did he read about Cupid before? Oh, right! It was this little baby that it was draw in Donnie's notes; a lil baby that send heart-shaped arrows to the lovers. In his bed there was more papers with Mikey's hand-writing, he has spend the night writing Irma's name and things that he likes about her; he was trying to wrote her a lovely note... Like a thunder, an idea hitted his head!
The light blue sky was appearing in New York City, there was a cold breeze in the air, and the birds was singing... Mikey could see Irma's room window from the front building. He stretched the yarn of the bow, the arrow pointing towards a point near the window with his love letter attached to the arrow. His hands was shaking, he was feeling like his guts was tangleding from the inside.
"Come on, Mikey..." he whispered to himself. "Just let it go... Come on!"
He let go the string, arrow shot toward the point had pointed. Then he await to see if Irma would take the arrow; any second o waiting made his heart beating hard... The window was opening; he hide a little in the roof, even if he was expecting the window opening it took him by surprise. He rise his over the cornise, he could see the girl picking the arrow with an amazed expression. She seemed surprised, he wondered of she like it...
"Oh...! Oh...!! Oh My Gosh!!!" he could hear Irma yelling from her room, and Mikey's mouth was turning into a big smile. He was so full of joy, it seemed that would explode! He jump up and started to made a happy dance!! He never thought that he would be this happy ever in his life!
It seemed to perfect...

here's new chapter!
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