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Chapter 2 Irma's Valentines

Aztec faces, voodoo dolls, creepy dummies... Only Irma would choose this kind of shops to get masks for a costume party. The ginger girl couldn't get her eyes of the dummy dolls; she seemed watched by them...
"April, stop it..." Irma said has she was watching the countertop showcase.
"How can you still calm and get nervous?" She said as she get closer to her. "It's like they would move any moment now..."
"They only come alive if they get insulted..." April eyes opened wide at her friend words. Then the glasses girl pointed a pair of masks. "Oh, look at this! This one it's perfect to you!"
"The golden one?" She get closer to the showcase to take a look. It was golden with silver lines decorating it, it was the kind of mask tha only covers the eyes. "It is beautiful!"
"Then this is it!" She said, as she gave a sign to the owner to buy it, plus the next one of it; a white one with a veil that would cover the mouth and the chin.
Next stop: to the lair.

And apperently, this place can give the glasses girl chills.
"Ew... Ew... Ew..."
"You're ok, Irma?" April asked her friend, while this girl was looking around of the sewer tunnel; she didn't get use to walk down here yet.
"Yeah, sure... I have to get used to even walk upon here occasionally; the smell, the sound, the humid environment... At least the only mutants down here are our friends..." Irma was telling to her friend, then she noticied how April rolled her eyes... "There's more mutants down here?" She asked a little panicied; and she grab her friends arm, like a little scary girl. April couldn't help to laugh!
The girls arrived to the lair. The lair was a place that Irma likes it, the furniture it's cool, it has big space, and the place did not stink; anyway, she put the bags from the shopping next to the pinball machine and follow April to the dojo.
"Huh... Maybe I should wait in the main room..." She said to April in the dojo entrance. "I don't think I fit in there..."
"Irma, it's ok." The tall girl said holding her hand and encouraging her to get in. "It's like in the gym, you sit down while the guys play rugby and the cheerleaders play being barbies." They both laugh. As they entered, April excuse herself about being late and sit with Irma in one side of the dojo.
The glasses girl still can't belive how great fighters the turtles are! She has spend then whole training gasping and cheering quietly... She aslo let go an 'ouch' when Donnie was beat down first, an 'ow' when Raph hit the ground, and when Leo and Mikey fights and Leo made an awesome back flip with kick againts to Mikey she couldn't help to say "Oh, my...". Suddenly Mikey tangled Leo's anckle with his kurisama and broke his balance. "Is that legal?"
Before to that incident, she decided to wait until April finish her training. She walked to Donnie's lab to give him some magazines about romance. She liked to help Donnie to get April's attention, he was way better that Casey; on her point of view. The thing was can a mutant earn her best friend love? She has doubts, but she wouldn't daré to say it to him.
Later she spended the next half hour watching, with Leo, Mikey and Raph, an episode of Space Heroes: "Dr. Mongo's tricks"; in where this villian use a love potion to distract the crew so he can kidnap Dr. Mindstrong. There was one scene, that Captian Ryan saved one female member of his crew, a feline alien called Katia, from falling into a bottomless pit; he has grab her with one arm, grasping her so close to his body while the other hand was tangled with a safety rope.
"Captian Ryan, the rope won't bear us for long..." Katia said.
"Do not worry, soldier! I've been in worst situations before... And I survived." Ryan talk to her.
"But sir, this is the bottomless pit! Allow me permission to leave, so you would survive..."
"NO!!" He hold her closer, facing her closely. "I won't loose you again, Katia."
"Oh, Captian!!"
It was so intesily romantic for Irma's eyes.
"Lucky alien girl..." She mumblered soflty in a little depressed tone.
"Irma." April came close to the group with Casey, who aslo came to see her training while Irma was with Donnie. "We're going home, you come with us?"
"Sure.." Irma get up, strenching her body a little; she get the bag with the masks and walks with April and Casey, but not before to say goodbye to the guys. "Bye guys."

In the way back home the three teenagers walked to the streets they've met with couples cuddleling, embracing, kissing...
"Urg... Get a room!" She though to herself. Then she saw some of some of Casey's hockey team players across the street, flirting with the cheerleader's squad. This time she let go a soft grunt."Perfect..."
"What is it...?" Casey asked, before she started to hide a little in his next so they won't see her. "What are you doing?"
"Just keep walking, ok?"
April, grab her arm and made her stop for a moment, making Casey stop too. "Are those still messing with you?"
"Well, you know their habits: in Valentine's Day, they enjoy to pester me about the fact that I don't have any Valentine as much as they enjoy to show off about how much hot they are and the guys they're dating..." Then they could hear one of the girls from the other side of the street calling them with the typical 'Heeeey!'. "Darn it! They saw me..."
"Hey Jones!!" One of the guys, a tall one with muscles called to Casey, while he was holding a blondie hot cheerleader. "You're hooked with two girls?! What a rascal!!"
Casey waved his hand to them, pleased. He didn't get why was Irma so worried.
"Weirdo McGee?!" The blondie laughed loud. "Did you loss a bet? Or maybe she has rent you?!"
And now he get the why! The group laughed as the three leave.
The red hair girl hold her friends shoulders, who was showing to be upset. "Don't listen to them, Irma."
"Yeah..." Casey reply. "They're only a bunch of jerks... Specially when they are with the hot chicks!"
"Right..." Irma sighed. "You know, I think I'm going on my own. I want to be with myself."
"Don't say this, the last thing you need it's to being alone!" Her friend said.
"April, I'm fine." She said as she turn to the next corner, in her way to home. "I'll see you tomorrow in school. Bye!" She wave goodbye to them, walking to her house.
In her home, she ended her homework and take her dinner while she was watching a movie; The PuppetMaster. For Irma, it was a better option of movie to see when someone has Valentine's Day depression. It's not that she hate this holiday day, it's just that it was a painfull way to remember that she has a bad luck about relationships; any guy that she fell in love it's or out of her league, like Kevin the quaterback and Marco the captian of the debate team; or they are jerks, like Jiménez the exchange student who end up to take all her money; or they are just... Well, the kind of guy who seems to really, REALLY likes her a lot but he is the one who dump her; like her late boyfriend for a few days, Timothy.
"This is so unfair." She started to say to herself. "I just want to be loved. I'm a nice girl, interesting, and pretty in my way." She steped up on the stars to go to sleep in her room... Hoping that the next day after the tomorrow comes first.

The digital clock alarm awakes her making her grunt and curling in her bed...
"Huh.... Man..." She sat on the edge of the bed and check the clock, the date was on it: February 14th. "Valentine's Day... Why it didn't arrive in Saturday..." She complain as she get up and put her glasses on. She slowly raised the blind of her window, covering her eyes from the brigth lights of the sun. And when she adjusted eyes... "...! Huh?" She saw an arrow on the outside window frame! She rubbed her eyes to make sure that she was awake or still asleep, but it was real. And there was a paper bound on it. She get the arrow and the note, and she slowly unroll the papers... Her heart has literally jumped inside of her chest!

April always pass from Irma's house to walk together at school, this time she found her friend going out and running into her!
"Cupid it's real!" She told her grasping her shoulders, all freaking out!
"What?! Did you had that dream again...?"
"It's true!" She said as she show her the paper. "There was an arrow stabbed on my window with this!" Then she giggled. "Whoever wrote this it's a poet!"
April read it "There's no man who's worth to shoot for you,
Too much kindness,
Too much beauty,
Too much for any worthless person in earth.
Don't think that I've ignore you
It's just that there's nobody who loves you more than me...
Both girls couldn't help to let go an aww from her mouths, but April was more realistic...
"And who's Cupid?"
"I don't know... There's no signature under the letter..." Irma said getting it back and keep it inside her school bag. "But for once I get a love letter... Can't complain!"
"Still..." April said worried, when suddenly...
"Excuse me..." They turn around, they were called by a delivery boy who was carring a bouquet of yellow lilies. "Do you know where can I find..." He read a note. "Irma Longinstan?
"It's Langinstein!" She said pissed, but fastly shocked. "Who it's me... And... Those are...?"
"A delivery for you." He give her the flowers, and Irma signed on the ticket that he asked, and leaves.
"Now That's unusual..." April said surprised. "From who is it?"
Irma seach for a note card. She found one that it was written 'Sorry, I couldn't found any flower as pretty as you... Happy Valentine's Day'. "Oh my... Oh my...." She said beathless. "Do you know what it means, April? I have secret admirer!! IN VALENTINE'S DAY!!!"
Hours later, in the school cafeteria, The three human friends met in one table close to the windows to talk about...
"Irma has valentines?" Casey Jones asked with some food still in his mouth. "Are sure this is not some kind of joke?"
"Yeah... I'm sure." She say disgusted by Jones stuffed mouth. "And I didn't even get a boyfriend lately; not since Timothy..."
"But then, who sent you the flowers?" April asked. "And the letter in the arrow?"
"I don't know... But do you what those lilies mean in the language of the flowers?'Loving you males me happy'... Tehee!" Irma said as she check the letter and the card in the table.Jones rolled his eyes just for hearing that fussy thing, while April smiled seeing her friend so happy. Then... "Hold it..." She noticied something... The words on both papers! "Check out the hand writing..." Jones cellphone sound and he get away from a moment, while April take a look of what Irma was pointing in the words. "Those Ls... The a... They are different!"
"Wait... Those were writed by two different persons?" April asked... The she noticied Casey opening the window. "Why are you opening the window? It's cold outside!"
"Well, I was kinda hot inside... WOW!!" By surprise a pigeon flew in front to him and landed in the girls table, pushing Irma's lunch on the floor; that made the other student take attention to them. That pigeon gave little jumps toward to the glasses girl, who was completly shocked; specially because there was a heart shaped card on the peak of the animal. She took it while some students were talking photos; in one side of the card there was written 'You are Loved' and on the other side 'Happy Valentine's Day'
"Oh... My... Gosh...!" She let go out... She has THREE secret admirers!!??
Here's a new chapter; just in time for Valentine's Day
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