A lovely evil plan

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St. Canard, midnight.
In a dark alley, an walking vegie duck called go through it and get close to a phone booth. He get inside; he open a letter that some villian send it to him, wich it says ''Meeting at midnight. DownStreet Alley, Phone Booth. 1313666.'' He push the combination numbers. Suddenly the floor opens and he falls for a long and scary slide. He lands into a seat; he finds himself into a huge HQ with tecno machines and in front to him a metalic table where behind it a villian welcomes him.
Carmesi: Bushroot! I'm glad you could find the place.
Bushroot: ... Yeah. The slide was necesary, it almost kill me for heart attack!!
Carmesi: It was that or the elevator...
Bushroot: Then why not the elevator?!
Carmesi: It wouldn't be funny...(she smirks) Well, let get into work. I wanted to propose you an idea. You know that Valentines Day it's comming right?
Bushroot: -_- Don't remind me that...
Carmesi: So, for inspiration of this ''celebration of love'' I'm gonna create a new weapon for the black market. And like you're a expert in plants I'm sure that you know the flower...(she push a botom fron the table, it appears an hologram of a pink-golden flower) Nefertaris Plumbinus.
Bushroot: I've got this one! But why you want it?
Carmesi: (she comes closer to him) You see, I've got a little sample of hormonies and dopamine, but with the flower... Well, I think you can guess the rest.
Bushroot: (for a moment he didn't get at all what the crisom-dresse duckette was meaning, until with an soar sigh she get a paper and pencil and draw an heart.) ¡¡!! You want to create a love potion!!??
Carmesi: Bingo.
Bushroot: But it's absurd! Why a love potion? It's not soooo... evil...
Carmesi: Wrong, it is!! I see love as a chance of bussines. This feeling makes people do stupid and disgusting things; it's a natural brainwashing!
Bushroot: And why you think I'm gonna to help you?
Carmesi: (she get him uo from the chair) Let me to explain you this: tomorrow theres a great party in the Golden Goose Cruise, a lot of rich bachelors who I could share a lot of love... (she raise her hand to try to help the plant duck to figures the next scene) ... and there's a lot of beutifulls super models. Just imagine it: all these women madly in love with you.
Bushroot: (an sly dreamy face appear) ...Continue...
Carmesi: The would love you... Adore you... Desire you!!
Bushroot: (excited) Where you wanna start?
She smiles at the success of her plan to convice him. During the next hours Bursroot manipulated the flower with the chemilas of Carmesi's laboratory, while she was building the weapon, with darts very thins and small. The love potion was introduced into the darts and the darts into a gun with the form of and spade. The weapon was ready.
Carmesi: Done!(she raises the weapon with proud and she introduces it into her ''purse'' with the always wear.) So, Bushy, wanna find a date at the cruise?
Bushroot: Oh my, I just can't wait!!
Carmesi: Me neither... Rich men, here I come...
Valentines days it's tomorrow so I feel to do this. Wait until to see what happen next...

Bushroot: Byt the way: why a spade?
Carmesi: And why not?
Bushroot: If it's a love gun, it shouldn't to looks like a heart.
Carmesi: And it is: a stabbed heart.

Bushroot belongs to Disney
Carmesi belongs to me
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