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Je suis un artiste de la Russie

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...created to help you to show your support to all true and contemporary artists who is living in such harsh land as Russia, where piracy level is close to 100 percent and there is no civilized art market as well... No galleries which represent contemporary art excerpt a few small exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow... For example in Moscow you hardly will find more than 60 places which can identify themselves as a gallery even for any art form, while there is more than 3000 thousand of them in Paris... Art business is hard everywhere, but in Russia it is close to impossible... Russians who use to invent alot directions in what you can call now as modern art is no longer needed and even in times than it has been invented was outranger in they own land.... «No prophet is accepted in his own country » - it is surely works with Russia... Russia is a birthplace of numerous talents as well as they early grave... So if you would like to help us to save that unique culture — PLEASE show your support and buy art from RUSSIA!!

hq print on everything…

hooded_pullover and t-shirts…

limited edition print on canvas…

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Hi Maxim...just read...we life today in new mostly important ...having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level... ...give more attention to all russia artists...welcome ...cheerio Sani
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thank you for your attention, but we do not need attention - we need support and believe me russian artists are no less intelligent or skilled than artists from other regions, but after 70 years of USSR oppression, people in Russia simply has no culture of having and buying art... especially modern one... so modern artists of Russia is like refugees in their own motherland who cannot escape or leave it, but gotta survive, while in modern society talent and skill and intelligence are less important than advertising... advertising that cost money which russian artists simply do not have... So i can simply say "WE FUCKED!!!" or "We are in deep shit!!" and i hope if you gonna be in such situation there will be someone who will help you more than world helping russians who is not agree with Putin's regime and just would like to live and create, but cannot leave, cannot create, cannot live, because life=art and because modern art is not important in modern Russia!!