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Voyager Background 7
Bullet; Green  yes, you can use this in commercial projects on DA and offsite :thumbsup:
Bullet; Red  but credit is still a must :D
Bullet; Orange  no derivative resources are to be made
Neon Texture #3
Anounce me if you download this pack. Don't forget to watch me and add to favorite.
Don't steal my textures and claim as yours.

i hope you're enjoy them!
Vector Denim Texture
In this tutorial we will learn how to create a realistic vector denim texture. Itís easier than it might seem at first sight, and I think it can be done by those who are taking their first steps into the world of vector graphics. Creation of other elements of this tutorial is more advanced, although I tried to describe each step clearly. Letís continue at itís an interesting and useful tutorialÖ You can read this tutorial here: [link]

    2018     SAI 2 version was updated on    2018-10-28  !   

New updates have been made possible by buyers like you . 

Note: Save and Share this tutorial  .
If you plan to buy SAI 2 and can make a video tutorial with voice ;
read my tutorial and the comments, 
then make a video to teach people how to order SAI 2. 
You'd get a lot of views ! 
( if you need advice how to record 
 inbox me ; then I will give you advice about how to do that ) .

SAI 2 Is for drawing . It allows for accurate line work . 
It can not mimic traditional Art tools very well ; But it has potential .
It has great circular and perspective rulers .
All Sai 2's panels now can float in tab settings .
The user interface is simple and has lots of shortcuts making Sai 2 a breeze to use .

SAI 2 allows a high resolution canvas perfect for Print On Demand projects .
I use SAI 2 to sell my art on pod sites.
I plan to make video demonstration.
Here is a short clip of me using SAI 2 .

To get the most from your digital applications , you're going to need a relatively fast computer. 
At the end of this tutorial I have links for recommended Computers and Drawing devices  . 

     ~~~~~~~~~~~INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~

( This tutorial will answer questions about how 
 to Order Paint Tool SAI 1 and 2 ( Official Version ) ( For Windows
 Not compatible with Mac. 

{ For Mac users Consider getting " Clip Studio Paint Pro "
 which is better than Sai2 for many reasons : 
for windows ; Mac And iPad
( problem with iPad is they made that specifically a subscription -_- Why ? ) . }

 If all you own is a Apple device ( iPad ) or whatever of their devices that use the Apple Pencil ; 
 then consider : " Procreate " .

I will be showing you how to buy SAI 2 and 1  . 
Check your copy of SAI 2 against the History of released updates ;
to have the most current copy of SAI 2:  
 ( To Read a " History  of Sai 2 updates ) .

Note : If you ever change computers , then you will need to simply
download the activation file again; as I will explain.  

Current NEW Features :

NEW Brush dynamics called " WATER BLUR  "
In brush texture or shape drop down :  at the  bottom of your list  if you have any there, 
you should see something called " water blur " . Press it, then it will show more sub settings if you press its down facing arrow .
It has similar basic dynamics as Clip Studio Paints, Spray settings.
( on a binary layer, this can easily be adjusted to look like tone dots.)

Parallel Line Ruler,

Concentric Ellipse Ruler,

Vanishing Point Ruler,

New SMUDGE or distort brush :

( lags on large canvas even with a decent PC.   

( To make a brush right click on empty icon space 
 ) .
Supporting the development with sales incentivises the 
Programmer of SAI 2 ( Koji Komatsu )
to add new features and i
mprovements.  If you don't buy he likely Won't develop . 
Its a community effort that ensures SAI 2 is all it can be. 

 Save PNG transparent at 300 dpi and above ; and 4500 x 5400 pixel canvas sizes and up .

Pictures made using SAI v2 : 
Mean Pumpkin - (Sai v1)

SAI 2 Tech means a development version - stages leading to Th
official completed release of " SAI 2 " .
That's why you will Still see the word " Preview " across the top even after activated.  As long as you can export and save your images, that means its activated. 

But like I said before it has tools for your Print on demand projects present now .

Write the developer with ideas to improve SAI 2. You can report bugs/glitches ; 
issues you've noticed with the program. Or if you have new feature requests and ideas for improvement .
Be sure to use simple English or illustrate a problem or question you have with images ( with arrows or highlights  ) video or voice  .   Koji Komatsu's email address: 

( Note : that the Text tool has limited options . No ability to curve text into a circle and stuff.

It also has problems maybe unique to myself .  I have a lot of fonts,
and it freezes my computer when I try to use my Text/Fonts in SAI 2.
 If you run into that problem
 please report it.  
You should be okay if using a fast computer. 

If you really need a good text tool consider Inkscape  ;its free -
Turn off the ruler visual, and it should work better  .
I use Inkscape for adding text to my designs .
Small learning curve, and its been useful for POD projects.  

I recommend Affinity Designer by Serif or old Photo Shop CS versions 3 through 6  . 
But those aren't free . 

There is also : "Over App" ,  for phones and stuff,
 it's okay but limited options . 

                                @~~;~~ Read completely ~~;~~@

First: I will tell you How to use the information  from the Licence to Unlock The NEW SAI 2  .
Second :  I will tell you How to Actually buy the Licence. 

I'll suggest general payment method advice ;  if you need that  .

You can with one licence unlock both SAI v.1 and v.2  .
I'll be showing how to get both 
with the purchase of one license .
Don't worry about the form saying SAI v.1 ; as its used for both .   

OVERVIEW ::…    <<< That is the first page of the Order form. 
When filled out and payment accepted ;  Two Licence codes will be sent to the e-mail that you gave them .

Then enter those two 
Licence codes, along with the System ID code found within your copy of  SAI 2, and or SAI 1 - 
 on this form >>>…
Press the button that says "" Download Software Licenses Certificate  "" ;  
en you'll get the corresponding Activation file.
You put the Activation file into the fold
er of the SAI version you used the system ID from . 

The system ID : is found after you start SAI ; in the " Help tab " you'll see the System ID code . 

SAI 2 :…

SAI 1:

e are the two versions of SAI .

( Side Note : A  possible problem occurs when a web browser
 changes the name of the downloaded  Activation file   .
 SAI then won't recognize the Activation File   .  
To correct that ; Try downloading through a different web browser ( Chrome , firefox , edge ).  
 . Or if a number like " (2) " was added to the file name ; simply rename; erasing only that addition or any blank spaces :
 then that should allow the activation file to be recognized by SAI2 . )

                           DO YOU WANT A MOR
                                ( I WILL B

Ok So : You will Need 3 codes to get the Activation file needed to Unlock the NEW Paint tool Sai 2 .  
( two are from the Licence Emailed to you after purchase , and third you'll find within the SAI 2 Application itself  .

 You'll enter The 3 codes on the ""Download Software License Certificate Form"" ;
that will result in a download ; of
 the "Activation File" needed to unlock SAI 2. 
( You'd press the download button at the form ) .
So; one code is called "System ID" ; found within the 
 "SAI 2 technical preview itself " : Download it and start it up ; look at the top tabs > (  Help > System ID  ( copy that code ) .

Again Here is the NEW SAI 2 That you will need :…

( This is the same that will be unlocked ).

Choose the bit type for your computer System Type ; 64 bit or 32 bit. Your computer will have that info somewhere in the System menu . 

The Other Two codes you need:  Will be in the License Emailed  to you .  (  after you buy the Licence 
  )  .  

This is how the Email will look > 
1. Softoware License Number :********** ( Enter this in the form at their site )  

2. Certificate Download Password :******* ( Enter this in the form at their site )

Password Character Type : ******** ( Do not use  : You don't use it ) 

( those stars i put there to show that is where codes will be :
 but the star symbols are Not the code ).
When all Three are entered:

Software License Number

2. Certificate Download Password

3. System ID  ( from SAI 2 ) 

Just copy and paste them into place >

This is the form…  ( 
Download Software License Certificate ). 
( There ar
e pictures at that link which  show what I explain here : Same page as the License form .)
You will then be able to  Download the Activation File .  ( Keep that File safe ) 

Simply adding that File into the SAI 2 tech demo ( Same  folder as the exe )  Will Unlock it ;
  allowing you to Save and Export drawings into different formats:
 .sai2 ( SAI V
er.2 )
.psd   ( Photoshop )
.psb   ( Photoshop )
.bmp  ( Bitmap )
.jpg    ( JP
EG )
.png   ( PNG )
.tga    ( TARGA )

( PNG sav
es Transparent backgrounds )
( To use the layers in a Photoshop saved file in a different app; 
use the Open file feature , not import .)

(( That's it ! ))  K
eep reading :  I will mention Pay-Pal in a moment .

You can also enter the System ID from the old version  Sai 1;  
using the same Licence ; to get it's unique Activation file ; With-out buying another licence.
They allow mayb
e 30 chances pressing the download button on that form before they shut you out .  

((You can return to the licence form anytime you want.
So don't worry if you close the window .))

( In the case of Old Sai 1  -
Trial Limit of 30 days will be removed
Here is "Sai 1" > ( old version ) . 

The developer is Not improving Sai v.1 anymore. 
He is Only Improving on SAI 2 Instead.  So make certain to g
et SAI 2 also. 

To repeat again  :  If you enter the System ID from  Sai v.1 ; then That Activation file received can  remove the Trial limit from Sai 1.
If you enter SAI 2's System ID;  then the Activation File received only works to unlock SAI 2 .
 Simple .

And Again you can download thos
e files about 30 times for whatever reasons you have.


" Sai  Systemax accepts payment by  Pay-Pal  ". 
Signing up for Paypal Is easy .

( Side Note, if you live over seas, and cannot use paypal, then try to sign up to a site called  
Payoneer USA it may work for international people ) ..

( For people who don't have a bank issued debit/credit card ; This is one way you can do this >

 First you'll need  a debit card; you can get one  from your local store ( No ID required  ) .
Or You can even order a card from online too  . You can even order a official pay-pal card sent to your mailbox  )   .
Pay-pal or some other Cards like for Example  American Express ;  will have designated locations you can go ;
 to transfer cash onto your card for you.  And it can be used Right away.

Most debit cards like this have a website where you can sign up and  fill out your name, address etc, and they will send you a extra card in the mail for free, which will have your name printed on it ( not necessary ) .
You can also check the balance of the card from those websites.  

Put  $ 60 on the card ( I paid exactly $ 53 for the SAI Licence )
You'd want extra money on the card in case of fees  .  
Sometimes fees from using cards; like  tax, etc ,  can add up to a few more extra dollars sometimes .  
Just plan for that  by adding a little more to your card  .  

Now again ; if you Don't have a Pay-pal card, you can connect/link your debit card to pay-pals website and your account you make with them , as Sais' Systemax website suggested: 

To do that ; Go to Pay-pals website to sign up >>>
  They will ask you for your debit/credit card number.  And the small number either on the front, or back of the card .
Also the number/Date of expiration ; Normally four numbers with a slash through it . On the front of the card . 

Carefully Enter your  the card number there; and  fill out your name ; address etc. Confirm the email etc.   
 ( Pay-pals site is )  . That is done in order to link your paypal account, with your card, so you can do transactions through pay-pal as Systemax suggests.

 (Again, linking a different card to Paypal may not be necessary  :  Because IF You're able to order a Free PayPal issued card from their web-site sent to you  through the mail in the US, and add Cash to that at certain locations; then you can just use that to order SAI. 

So Pay-pal card  can be used to make purchases with money you have in your pay-pal account.
So you can just use the Pay-pal Card; without adding a different card to paypal  .

 You can even share your Pay-pal email ; then  people can pay you for work done;  by putting money on your 
Pay-pal account  ) .
~~~~ end of  payment advice.  

                                                 HOW TO USE THE ORDER FORM 

(( Reminder : Don't be confused by the order form saying " V.1 " .
 The form is used for both Sai 1 and V.2 . 

The only change made is on the Download activation form;  
 the "System ID "code found in the Help tabs of  SAI 1 or 2 
 if you wanted to Activate both versions .  ))

--Okay when you have your choice of payment method ready : 

 Return  to Paint Tool SAI's website ; and order 1 ( one ) Licence .  
You will see a link  At the bottom of the page, called :
$ Purchase Software License for PaintTool SAI Ver.1 $"   .

or try this Direct link…

Check  * Pay-pal  as the payment method.  The rest is self explanatory ; because they walk you through each step.

 ( There's another payment option called " 
Credit Card" ; But I don't understand why  .
Because SAI website's  "questions and answers" say that -  

" they only accept Pay-pal." 

That's up to you if you want to try without pay-pal and already have a debit card.

I never used the option and didn't ask about it yet.

I signed up to Pay-pal ; then choose Pay-pal as the payment method. 
Payment was accepted instantly : then they sent me the Licence in a E-mail . 

(IMPORTANT  about debit or credit cards, THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING DO NOT
overdraw money you don't have on the card !
 Because I'm not sure what all could go wrong if you do.
So keep track of your  balance and spending books.
When in doubt about available balance of funds, don't use it  ) .

Important -  For All the forms you fill out, whether for the Debit card, Pay-pals site, or Systemax,
all Must use matching names ; addresses and Emails  ;
to avoid confusion . 

It is important to have a good spiral notebook ; to record all the information you use ( email's passwords , licence numbers etc  ,
 in case you forget or if your computer loses the information.
Then you can always refer to your note book.
Get in the habit of recording your notes down carefully and in neat writing . And, don't lose the note book.

   About Features Request
I will read all emails of features request but I will not be able to reply to all request emails because I am one man team for development and customer support. Thank you for your understanding.
- Koji Komatsu - Programmer, President 


Conclusion : 
Paint Tool SAI 2  Is a one of a kind Software application, I believe it deserves all the support we can give it .
So buying is important to keep  development Moving forward to new and better features  ; to
 ensure SAI 2 is all it can be for the future . It is a WIN WIN for for everyone, If we buy the software ! 

 Paint Tool SAI  is developed by one guy , anything can go wrong and development could stop .
 If the incentive is not there for development then 
Koji will have to wash dishes for a living;
 and SAI will probably become abandon ware .




63 x 63  for bristle . Elemap is now Bristle folder.  BMP ( bitmap )  file type. 
Place the textures in a folder , and it will be ready to go. 
 No text files to write. 


( Resolution increase from old versions I think ) 1024 x 1024,
must be 8 bit Gray scale Bitmaps. ( Those textures must be made gray scale )..

 ... 63x63, must be 24 bit RGB Bitmaps....

(Refer to "Customizing" section in the help document of "SAIv1". if you want some more details for the old version. )

I use Gimp 2 ; to gray scale the images . Gimp 2 can make textures somewhat seamless too ( by a certain sub option in the MAP tab , maybe under filters tab called  " make seamless " option in   )  .

.  In Gimp 2 the gray-scale option can be found under  "Mode or Color, or image tab"  should have it . Other apps may have it too.  Like PS. 

----When you add a new brush or texture bmp gray scale image; SAI 2 will automatically add it.
No more writing the name of the bmp images . --- 

If you want help with making textures just send me a message. 

Drawing tablets :>  : .

Computers : >…

If you don't have money  consider getting some side work,
and also get a bank account, and sign up for Merch by Amazon which can make you money free.
I mention it on my profile page. 


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