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damn tapestries

By Maxiima
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Twilight glanced down from the balcony at the pony that had invaded her castle and scowled. 
She silently descended from where she had been hiding in the shadows and landed a fair few meters away from the intruder. She studied the pony for a few moments, watching this pony look around the room taking photos of her tapestries.
As the pony had reached with her magic for one of the tapestries to take it off the wall did Twilight react.
She grabbed the same tapestry with her own magic holding it in place and silently walked to the now startled pony.
''and just what do you think you're doing?''
The pony looked at her in shock. ''O-oh! I-I hadn't realized that anyone lived here! I'm so dreadfully sorry!'' they stammered
Twilight's horn glowed stronger as she casted a light spell, revealing the pony to be a beautiful young mare with purple mane and a light gray coat.
''what's your name?'' Twilight asked the mare. ''R-Rarity?''
''Well Rarity, you haven't answered my question. What are you doing?''
Rarity looked uneasy and nervously looked around the dark room to look for something, anything to help her. ''I was...Looking for designs and inspiration for my dresses..I really didn't mean to break in and steal anything...''
Twilight brought up her hand and grabbed Rarity by her cheek and lifted up her head. ''You are lucky you're pretty, Ms. rarity'' She started looking the other mare in the eye''I will allow you to take photos of the decorations and tapestries but under one condition. You are to touch nothing or move anything. You are to stay only in the hallways and rooms with open doors.  or you'll be my next meal'' She finished releasing the mare and waited for the mare to respond.
''O-Okay..?'' Rarity silently replied relieved she'd have not gotten into any trouble..sortha. 'Honestly Rarity one day you'll get yourself killed!' rarity thought to herself as she mentally punched herself. And then kicked herself as she had caught herself staring at the lavender alicorn.
''I-I'll go take some pictures now...Gotta get inspired somehow right darling?'' She laughed awkwardly as she walked down the hallway, away from the alicorn.
''of course. and please, call me twilight'' Said the alicorn and then Disappeared.  (not taken from the fanfiction)

So I had recently read 'Sickness Unto Death' by cynewulf… and it really made me wanna draw vampire Twilight. Also Sickness unto death is a very good story and I really recommend reading it!
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I just found time to read t, and damn it was good.

But honestly, I think the Ending would be better if they just kept with the Theme of Medieval-like Times (otherwise I got the Netflix "Dracula" feeling of Episode 3).

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from the fanfiction?

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Yes, from the Book (the fanfiction).

With the "Present Times" Ending, it gave me that weird feeling that Episode 3 of Netflix's "Dracula" had.

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I'm sadly not really familiar with that show.

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HELL YEAH! Ya made RariTwi even spicier with some VAMPIRE RariTwi. Nice.

Nah but legit I love this so much; the expressions, the details in Rarity's face give away just how hard Twi's holding her there, and I really enjoyed the written exert you did there! If you ever do more for this particular idea I'll be all over it like white on rice man. ;w;

Wonderful job!! uwu
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yeeeee vampires are spicy >:3

but thank you! It means a lot! ;w;
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Will favorite anything with Rari-Twi!
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oh, well thank you haha
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