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[Photoshop] Crystal Universe font Logo

By MaxiGamer
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This is the logo I made to showcase my Crystal Universe font

2015 - MaxiGamer
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I don't want to ask this because I don't want to bother you, but I'm doing a project on Rebecca Sugar and I really want to put their name in this font. I can't really find anything else trustworthy. If I do it myself, I will surely fail.  Do you think you could help?
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Hello this is great, you could make a logo like that with my name please
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how can I make a steven univer logo using Microsoft Word?
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That would be impossible to do with Word since it's just a word processing software. You'd need an image editing software like GIMP (which is free) or Photoshop/Illustrator.
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Here are 2 requests:
"Coranda" Logo
"Esteban Universadad" Logo (That was said in Gem Heist, correct me If I spelled Universadad wrong.)
Do Coranda Logo first.
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Hi, could you make a Cartoon Universe logo for me?
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You can do a tutorial on how to make a logo using the crystal universe? if you can not do you can teach the phizzy because he is planning to make a video tutorial logo
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Well, actually, I was waiting for Phizzy to make a tutorial because I'm awful at explaining things and it would take me even longer than him to make a tutorial. Sorry, you're going to have to wait after Phizzy.
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I'm editing my video together now, I feel bad I've kept people waiting so long. There's a preview on my profile here (this thing says I'm not allowed to link).
My tutorial uses the 3D stuff in photoshop rather than vectors. Could even work as a template like some people have been asking for here.
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hey,please reply at this!This is AWESOME!Did you can help me to learn how to make a logo like this!I have photoshop and illustrator,can you give me a tutorial,template,easy things in private message please!I'd really appreciate if you will help me!Yesterday was my birthday and if you will help me will be my dream and my gift!
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perfect, you have template? I use photoshop cs6
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Sorry, but there are no templates for the logo. It was made using Illustrator, which means it's vector shapes, not Photoshop layer styles.
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can you make me one id really appreciate, if you like to speak in private hit me up at and email me there
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Could you give me a template file via PM?
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Errr there are no "template files". It's all made from scratch, and I couldn't make a template out of that at all. Sorry.
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'Kay. I'll have to do it myself
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Good luck mate.
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Can you make one for me? I don't own any Adobe products. 
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this looks great! i was wondering how you did it? I have your fonts, but I use photoshop CS5 and i'm not very well versed in illustrator.
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Why thank you =w=

Well, I used Illustrator to make the 3D effect on the logo and Photoshop for the rest.

I'd love to make some kind of tutorial but I'm the worst at explaining things. But if you have an intermediate knowledge of Photoshop's tools and tricks, you could do like me and just try to find your own technique by looking at how the logo looks and trying to replicate it.
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How you make this?!! O:
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First, I used the Crystal Universe font I made:…
Then, while my technique was a bit different, you can follow this tutorial to basically  achieve the same effect:…

Good luck.
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Thanks, aw I dont have that program, but I do have Photoshop :/
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Hmmm well you could try to do the same with Photoshop. Shouldn't make that big of a difference, if you know how to use vector shapes and paths in PS properly.
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