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Crystal Universe FONT

By MaxiGamer
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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, err'body! Here I am again and with a wonderful gift: my third, most complete and FINAL Steven Universe font.
This time, I decided to replicate Steven Universe's logo font! This was very long but fun to do and I'm glad that my line of Steven Universe fonts is coming to an end with this font I wanted to do for a while, now.

The font, packaged in a ZIP file, comes in OTF and TTF formats and in TWO styles: Regular and Oblique. FYI, Oblique means that the text is slanted to the right just like italic (I won't go into details, but oblique and italic actually aren't the same). It's slanted just like the logo, so you won't need to do an extra step and slant it yourself.

Anyway, I hope that you'll enjoy this font, and see yaaa later!

2015 - MaxiGamer
Made with FontForge

Steven Universe™ was created by Rebecca Sugar and is (c) Cartoon Network.
© 2015 - 2021 MaxiGamer
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How can I make the title of Steven Universe?

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Hi, I recently installed this font & the numbers and symbols like the asterisks key don't work. Is there a fix for this?

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please do the attack the light font
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The font used in Attack the Light, its sequels, and some other related SU media is called Hiruko Black.

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Try looking for it on I found his other font on there, this one could be on there as well. Hope that helps!
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the download doesn't work
Robot-Forest's avatar It could be here; the download link for his other Steven Universe font wasn't there on DeviantArt but I found it on here, it's possible this one could be on there, too.
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Is there a download?
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EDIT: Around 30 seconds after I posted the message: Whoops forgot to write more!

Hey! I made a concept of all the numbers except 5 because it's hard to make it and the question mark.

Note: Question mark is not official. You can make yours instead.


I Hope you like it. :)

Cuz you need to just do number 5 for the numbers update and you're done! ( If you want to keep it.)
Crystal-Universe Numbers by Harddave9  
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You made this font but in spanish?
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My tutorial based on this font is here:…
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¡Gracias!   ¡Funciona muy bien!
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Where's teh download? D:
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Is there a way to use these for Gimp?
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Of course, you only need to download and install the font. I have no clue how to use text in GIMP however as I've never used it.
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It worked! Thank you so much!
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No problem, glad it worked.
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you could make one for me because I do not own nor an adobe producer, please make one for me
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Awesome job! <3 So cute! Wow, they look so different in 2d, but you held true. :3
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How do you use the star? Just curious.
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