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[4K] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 01 Mario

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Oh man, what an absolute thrill that Super Smash Bros. presentation was. While the rest of Nintendo's presentation was very weak, which unfortunately doesn't make it the winner for me this year (this one goes to my main man Absolute Godd Howard), I am unprecedentedly excited for the new Smash; this is an entirely new level of hype for me.

So, to celebrate (and fill in the waiting time before) the future release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, which is on December 7th of this year, I decided to start a new wallpaper project, similar to the one I did with my Super Mario Odyssey wallpapers.

I am going to be doing 4K wallpapers of every single character, in order, releasing each about twice to thrice a week, leading up to the release of the game. That is going to be about 65 to 70 wallpapers, from which you can all choose from.

To kick things off, we have, of course, the very first Smash contestant ever: Mario, the classic all-around brawler.
For the graphical style of this wallpaper (and every subsequent one), I decided to base it off the thumbnail of the short "trailer" each fighter has and expand upon that idea. It's simple but it's nice.

2018 - MaxiGamer

List of every SSBU wallpaper:
01 - Mario: Already here.
02 - Donkey Kong:…
03 - Link:…
04 - Samus:…
05 - Yoshi:…
06 - Kirby:…

Added a subtle effect in the background that I forgot to implement, please redownload if you want the new version.
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Nah. He wouldn’t match with smash bros.
legendary-failur's avatar
He would just be red luigi
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Exactly! Everyone keeps suggesting him idk why! Who even knows Mario?
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BlueShinyYveltalHobbyist General Artist
I so want to play this game
SniperFromTF3's avatar
thats pretty good
VG805SMASHBROS's avatar
Mario is Number 1, Deal with it!
BlueShinyYveltal's avatar
BlueShinyYveltalHobbyist General Artist
true. But Luigi is no. 2! LOL
VG805SMASHBROS's avatar
Yeah, that too.
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Ilanos44Hobbyist Interface Designer
I love it <3 how did you do to put a stripe effect on the picture on the background ?
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PeterisBeterHobbyist Digital Artist
I like it!
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