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That moment when Roach pushes you off a cliff
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Guess Ciri brought some other world souvenirs.
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EnclaveMavenProfessional Writer
is this.. the witcher?
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Patryk1212Hobbyist Writer
Pięknie, kurwa, pięknie !
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I'd hire Geralt to slay that PC, 'cause it's a monster!
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Eruanna17Hobbyist General Artist
I love it!:clap:
That's an awesome idea and it's so well executed, too. Also all the details like the monsters outside and the swords leaning there and all the other boxes next to the console. Wonderful!
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Ahhahaaha, this is gold. I can imagine
Geralt ranting: "WTF, Steel for humans?? Why the fuck would I want to blunt my silver on a miserable alghoul?!"
Yen: "Relax darling, it's just a game"
Ciri: "Guys, the werewolf chewed it's rope again.."
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I really like that idea! :D And it's an awesome drawing. :)
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TraintorHobbyist Photographer
geralt controling geralt in game sephwthamiseeingplz lol
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xAngel4xHobbyist General Artist
Witcherception :D
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TraintorHobbyist Photographer
Nod Hug 
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CreeppingDeathStudent Digital Artist
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Счастливая семья. Папа Геральт, мама Йеннифер, дочка Цири и лисичка-сестричка Трисс
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What sort of mutant controller is that!? It's as if an Xbox One and a PS4 got together and had a child! Blasphemy!

None the less I did find this great. Geralt...what a ladies man. We could all learn from him.
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This is damn epic! It took me a while to see the giant peeking from the window! Your work is so detailed and great LOVE IT great stuff! :D
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JazzSpartan013Hobbyist Artist
Now this is amazing. It made my day, thinking of what they are saying as Geralt is getting a little frustrated with the game. Very amazing. 
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WolfshadedHobbyist Traditional Artist
epic! I wish there was an easteregg like this in the game:Portal: 
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noprinHobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha epic
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dunno, always saw Geralt as a pc kinda guy :D
great work dude!
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look at the games in the shelf. They are all for a PC
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