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Twilight Kreia

Well, got around to do another request.
/r/ Twilight sparkle as Kreia/Darth Traya from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Took the human approach though...
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I understand that it was a request, but Luna would make more sense as Traya.
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I disagree. Kreia was never psychotic, greedy and stupid. She also was a scholar - just like Twilight, and balanced between dark and light - just like twilight comes between night and day. She also wanted people to realize their full potential (just like Twilight's ascension) and act rational and reasonable.
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Are you sure that we're watching the same show? Because I'm pretty sure that the one I'm watching has Twilight being a rather shitty princess overall. She's no good in a fight, relying on either her friends to fight with her, or having the other 3 princesses' power within herself just so she can fight one on one. She hesitates in the face of danger, and prefers to solve all the world's problems with books, rather than with her own skill and experience.

She couldn't even beat Starlight in a one on one fight, no matter how many times she tried, and Starlight's not even an alicorn. That's pretty pathetic for an alicorn, she should be a much better fighter by now, but nope it's all about them books.

Compare that to Traya, who CAN fight on her own, who ISN'T useless out in the world without anyone with her. Traya is a scholar, but she can fight pretty damn well too. She prefers a more Sith-like approach to the problems that present themselves to her, that doesn't sound like Twilight at all to me. 

Luna is the closest character in mlp to Traya in terms of personality and abilities, not Twilight, not by any stretch of the imagination.
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Yes, I am sure that we are watching the same show. You don't need to be that aggressive.
Kreia was never about power - I don't even understand how someone could've made that conclusion. She was about wisdom and intelligence - and Luna still lacks both of them, while Twilight is rapidly growing and becoming wiser - and stronger. She actually learns from her mistakes and can act rational and reasonable.
And... there is nothing in the show that suggests that Luna is more powerful than Twilight, besides the fact that she is bigger. You assume that Luna would've vaporized Starlight in the fight, but I disagree: we simply don't know, and maybe Luna's result would've been much worse than Twilight's. Remember that this is the same Luna who never won a single fight in her entire life, even as Nightmare Moon, and the same Luna, who often plays damsel in distress along with her sister.
Your hatred for Twilight is unnecessary. She is not useless, in fact, she is the most useful character in the show, as well as the most competent one.
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I know this is a 5 year old necropost at this point, but I do wanna point out one thing...

Kreia's message was *absolutly* about power. Just, not in the way the Sith thought about it.

Kreia learned that the Force uses everyone, light side, dark side, even normal people with no power in the Force. It uses them, manipulates them, and weakens them to serve it's purpose, and it's will, it's purpose; is balance in all things.

Her message was that to be truely strong, you must work to attain it yourself. Don't help the starving beggar, you're only teaching him to be weak. Don't rely on the Force, it'll only consume you. The only way to truly reach your full potential is to forsake the Force and strive for what you want.

The only way to free the galaxy and everyone living in it, is to kill the Force.

That is the message of Kreia.

 So very fitting given twilight magical abilities 
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"Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core. There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you."
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