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Hey! I can't believe the amazing feedback I have gotten on my  Heeere's Goofy! by MaxGrecke, and it's just amazing seeing how many people love and and find it very frightening and that it has probably destroyed the childhood for most of you. So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented and faved it and all that. And let you know that I read all of the comments on it but maybe not answer all of them. I also hope that some of you are excited for another piece in this series because there most certainly will be another one! Not going to say what yet because I'm not even sure. I have already gotten suggestions for scenes from movies, but if anyone has some scenes they love and think are fitting I would love to hear it! Might be posting some WIPs on my Facebook page about it when its started.
Thanks everyone! :D
Heeeey, I havent updated here for a long long time, mainly because much have not happend on my accound the past time so, just been uploading the usual stuff,
but I wanted to make a journal update about the accounts and stuff I have where I post my art,

I recently got my twitter account going don't have much there at the moment but will try to be updaing there,

also posting all my artworks for sale on society6 and redbubble, ht…

And as always please follow me on facebook if you would like to!

if anything fun to notice it's that I'm working on my own iOS game at the moment, don't have a release date or anything but will post up a bunch of stuff about it when I have more artowrk done for it!

I have now reached over 30 000 pageviews which is insane! and I am very grateful for all the support I get!
I actually don't have much to say right now, the T shirts I have talked about I will be posting up soon, worked on a few new prints!
So I actually have a lot of work which I have never posted so maybe I should get to that.

But the most awesome thing now is that I have started a comic! I posted up the cover of it in my gallery!
And the comic is called SLAUGHT and it's up on a few places so please feel free to read it wherever you like!………

So ye, I really appreciate all the feedback I can get on the comic since I really like working on it and I hope everyone enjoys it!
Like woaow! i really couldnt belive that I had gotten a DD! My first ever that is!
The picture that got it was the Moon from Zelda MM I painted. And im really happy everyone gave me all the support on it and commented and favorited! I really cant belive how many comments and favs it got during one day! So ye! thanks everyone!

i have also reached over 20.000 pageviews now which is also incredible!
aaand also a lot of new people who are watching me now so thank you everyone for that aswell!

For some time back now I also used to livestream some stuff while I painted, but I stopped since no one watched me, hehe
But maybe now some people would be interrested in seeing some livestream going on? I could take suggestions questions and give tips and what not! ^^ Let me know if that would be interresting!

And I will continue to make the Majoras Mask bosses now aswell!

Still taking commissions aswell
Hey folks! I like never post any journal updates about anything, but recently I made this pic of Skullkid from Zelda Majoras Mask which got sooo good response from everyone! Which I couldn't be happier about because I have never got this response on any of my other pics! So I really wanna thank everyone who have said so many nice things recently and all the new people who watch me! Really really appreciated! Before I used to thank everyone who added me to their watch list but now it was just so many at one time so it would be just too much I'm afraid. This also made me realize that I should try to get in contact with people more often, and ye maybe write more journals hehe.

I have also reached over 15.000 page views now!! which is just amazing!! Thank you everyone!

Since the positive response on Skullkid there will now be more of this series, I got a request about doing the moon, which I think sounds super cool to do a render of! So might do that, but hey don't be afraid to write me your suggestions for stuff to do! I will be sure to listen to them!! So just take a chance and write anything down! I will be sure to read it!

I'm also working on my own iOS game with a good british friend of mine which I hope I will have enough content to show soon! really exciting stuff!

Have any questions or anything, just note me! :)
And my commission info is here if you are interested in getting a commission from me!

Over and out!
Ok, so now I have my commissions open,

Sketch commissions: $5 (+$3 for extra characters)
sketch example by MaxGrecke
id prob put some basic shading in there, but its optional

Clean Line commissions: $10 (+$5 for extra characters)
linesex by MaxGrecke

Color portrait commissions: $15
Mr. J by MaxGrecke Smile Man by MaxGrecke

Full black and white commissions: $20 (+$10 for extra characters)
SWAT hands up by MaxGrecke
cel shades/ soft shades

Full color commissions: $25 (+$10 for extra characters)
MAX'S LINK by MaxGrecke GHOST-Rat Rage by MaxGrecke
cel shades/ soft shades

All my art is digital!


1. Note me details, provide any references. (Character, Pose, Whatever) Please try to describe everything in detail, all info is provided over my email:

2. Deposit the full amount that the piece costs. (I accept PayPal only!)

3. I will send sketch to you and once you have approved the sketch (or any edits if needed.), and I will proceed to Lineart then Colors.

4. Once I am done, I will send you the Working High-res version (Without my copyrights in the corner and without logo) and maybe post a Smaller-res version on my DA or FA. (Depending on content.)

Anything you wish to discuss regards to multiple orders or things not listed note me.

If you order more than 3 pieces from me you can note me so I can offer a discount on the price.

thanks for any help you can give.

muchly appreciated.

Im able to do any kinda free commissions for anyone who wants! : )

Also more zombies are gonna come.. so if u have any suggestions on a zombie u want, just drop it in!
Im gonna post a bunch of random zombies over a long perioid of time now!
Hopefully I will make two a day... if I can pull that off...
I was thinking about making like.. a 100, but that seems like too much now, but we'll have to see!

But anyone can suggest a character if they would like to :)

Watch me draw zombies on live stream here:…