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Traditional Monk in Modern Days

My latest spitpaint that got a ton of attention in the spit paint group over on Facebook! So I'm really grateful to all the people that commented and liked the image on there. if you aren't already in the group I really suggest you check it out! tons of awesome art streaming in there!

Still have a lot of older spit paints to post as well, been updating more on my instagram lately so check it out if you are interested: maxgrecke

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If I may ask, what is a spit paint?
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heh :D cool, one needs to like this guy :)
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I adore this. The contrast is just amazing!!
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I love this image!
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You are very welcome :)
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I know it was posted almost a year ago but Sarin555's comment (here) was rude and I hope you didn't take it to heart. "I don't like the monks in my area and you're Swedish, so obviously this picture is a piece of shit". What?! With anime pinups and MLPonies all over their page, I wouldn't take their feedback with anything more than a grain of salt.

Anyways, GORGEOUS picture! It's well-styled and has a great concept overall, making it a very eye-catching piece. Superb work overall, sir! =D I like how you did this picture for fun, and left it so open to interpretation. The way I see it, and this applies to anything really: living traditionally is hard in such a harsh modern world, yet many of us find protection in our beliefs and faiths. I like!
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Thanks for the support, and yes you are right I think if you get offended so easily over this piece the internet must be a though place to be on! :)
Thanks again!
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Hey, you're very welcome! I agree all the way, I dunno how somebody gets so angry at such an innocent painting! Hahaha. It's beautiful though, you did well. I love how much personality your art has-- keep up the good work!
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This is genius, nothing less.
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Hello ! Your work has been featured on my group DesignYourDreams :) : here !
Everyone get wet except for the monk. Great art!
The young monk stands out from everyone in so many asy: The direction he's facing, the colors, the amount of layers of clothing, and most importantly, how hes shields himself from the rain by closing his eyes and focusing, while everyone else just let it hit them.
Truly and utterly incredible.
I love it grinfaceplz 
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Really nice breakdown! and thanks! :)
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very unique image, good execution of the concept too
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thanks man! love your stuff a ton!!
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