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Majoras Mask: Skullkid

I finally decided to to some descent fan art for one of my favorite games, the legend of zelda majors mask!

I was thinking about doing some portraits for the bosses in the game, anyone interested in seeing something like that made?

check out my other Majoras Mask pics
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awesome bro keep up the cool work
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BEST Zelda Game!!!
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Excellent picture!
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I have been playing the game and I CAN'T GET THROGHT THE SNOWHEAD TEMPLE!

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This is amazing ❤️
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I love te eyes. Good job.
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I dont know why, but even though he's an asshole, i find the skull kid from MM to be cute.
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"Of ourse I am!"... Asshole or cute ?
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(OoC-He's probably both, haha.)
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Oh mean !... I like this ! Mwahahahahahahaha! 
I don't think he's cute, with his duckface. Better with the mask... Ugh, I don't wanna die ! Don't mess! 
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Better with the mask? That could be arranged...hehehehe...
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Aww, but I thought you wanted me to wear it!
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simplesmente incrivel
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Btw I LOVE this picture lol
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Hey I bought a bag on eBay that has this image on it. It shipped from Hong Kong and says it was made there too?
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Hey, yes I have seen that, someone else noted me about it as well.
They are stealing my artwork and selling it yes
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That's terrible Im sorry. Had I know I wouldn't have bought the bag but there is a light side. People will find out and your artwork is so great that people are buying it. I know it sounds bad but I personally would be flattered it is amazing looking :) anyways keep up the good work. The thieves will have karma run their way sooner or later. 
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Skull Kid is a Bd@$$!
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