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Stage Builder Was A Mistake



"The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math." - Ren Amamiya (2019)

(A/N: I haven't posted anything in for-freaking-ever on this account, but I had this stupid art idea for a good long while now and I couldn't not put it on paper. I apologize for nothing. =P

And yeah, I know, this is probably the first and thus far only hot-buns pic of Joker from Persona 5, at least of the cartoonish slapstick variety rather than more vanilla spanking and such. But this isn't just a product of my twisted psyche, actually! One of the gaming channels I subscribe to on YouTube is Alpharad, and his Smash Bros. videos are a freaking godsend - the particular one that inspired this image set concerns the Stage Builder feature and custom stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of the many hilarious custom stages he and his friends played on - well, tried to play on, anyway - featured what was basically a box full of non-passable platforms and a lava floor. Hilarity ensued, natch. You can check out the madness yourself in the video below:

So you can imagine what my imagination derived from that lol. I normally wouldn't have even tried this with poor Joker because I like him too much, but the opportunity was simply irresistible. Ironically, I don't even have a Nintendo Switch, let alone Smash Bros., and probably won't be able to get it any time soon due to prohibitive expenses, but that probably won't stop me making more art of the various cuties from this game and affiliated franchises in the future. There's so many different opportunities for hot-buns scenarios and, come to think of it, quite a few attractive fighters who are more deserving of literal butthurt... :devilish:

As an aside, this is the first hot buns pic I've ever completed using GIMP, and it was quite the uphill battle what with... *counts on fingers* ...38 active layers, and having to learn how to replicate a ton of effects and methods usually done on Photoshop. For what it was worth in the end, though, I think it turned out quite nicely!

And just because I couldn't resist the joke, here's an alternate version of the first panel:

8/14 EDIT: Changed up the thought bubbles in the second panel. I realized in hindsight that imitating the style of the actual game would make the pic that much funner! :rofl:
And here's a shoddily done alternate version with Joker's default color scheme:

Other Smash Bros.:……

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When you remember you are using a Persona with wings...but flapping and flailing your arms does not make you fly up