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Friends Through Thin and Thick (5K Watches!)


A sequence chronicling the developing friendship between Satori and Audrey! And I guess they also get fat as well! XD

Yeah, so... sorry this took two weeks. It's been pretty hectic on my end and it's been hard to find the time and motivation to art on the side of all the other stuff I've had goin' on but, dang it; it was worth it because... 5K watches! That's NUTS.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I normally I don't have the time or attention span for gaining sequences (and will probably continue to not do them very often in the future), BUT! this is a very special occasion so I was willing to step outside my comfort zone a bit and give ya'll something I know you'll enjoy. Thank you all for getting me this far! :D   

ALSO, you can join us on Patreon for in progress updates on work, higher resolution versions of images, and monthly fan art polls! I also have a Ko-Fi if you just want to throw a couple dollars at me to help out!

Art by Flex Muffinator, not for use without permission!

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It's a perfect friendship and you captured it wonderfully along with their gaining journey for the cute pair. Nicely Done! ^^

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TwinTails100's avatar

I read somewhere that if a woman has a fat friend, she's 75% more likely to become fat herself. That jogger's habits are starting to rub off on that store clerk.

MaxFullbody's avatar

Lol, she's certainly more than happy to share her high calorie snacks! XD

debuiscool's avatar

Eyooo this is poppin!

MaxFullbody's avatar

Thank you, thank you!

Oda-Lee's avatar

Amazing work.

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FA-Man's avatar

yknow what really makes this is the diverse and genuinely friendly atmosphere of all the pics. Like, there's a lot of different fun scenes depicted here.

MaxFullbody's avatar

Why thank you! Yeah, I really wanted to capture that feeling of comradery you only get with people you can let your guard down around. :3

Speedytoken's avatar

This... This is amazing😁

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DeathTheKid89's avatar

This is a really awesome pic! :D I love how massive she is by the end! :nod:

MaxFullbody's avatar

Thank you! Drawing characters that big is pretty challenging for me, so I'm glad it came out well!

DeathTheKid89's avatar

You're welcome, and thank you for liking my comment and for any future likes! ^^ I think it looks fantastic! :D

ImagiMiester's avatar

It's nice to see their transformation from slim to fat.

I like it!

log111111's avatar

Are they really *just* friends?

MaxFullbody's avatar

For me? They are, but you can head-canon whatever you want, I literally can't stop you. XD

LifterMan72's avatar

I feel so dumb. I'm looking over this sequence and enjoying the sorta story you got here. I finally notice the poses at the beginning and end are the same. That detail got me.

MaxFullbody's avatar

XD Yeah, not to pat myself on the back too hard, but I thought that was pretty clever. X3

"It's like poetry, they rhyme"

LifterMan72's avatar

And now you're quoting Lucas. Why are you so likable?

Jokes aside I'm liking the details you put in here. The tears on the inseam of Satori's pants. Then in the next part she's wearing a pair of resilient gym shorts. When her top cN only cover her chest, Satori changes to a new one, but that one still can't cover ALL of her belly. Then near the end, Audrey is gaining weight because Satori is sharing the food she buys.

This is a good sequence.

MaxFullbody's avatar

Thank you again! :D The clothing progression was interesting as I was trying to come up with reasons to NOT have to draw a new outfit in every panel but also acknowledge that different fabrics can only take so much. XD

I figured the new shirt she bought would have worked if she'd been willing to upgrade the pants too but she's dragging her feet and being a little stubborn.

To be clear, my quoting George is meant to be a little Ironic. I still have serious issues with the prequels and Special Editions... but we don't really need to get into that unless you just want to. XD

LifterMan72's avatar

Yeah, I think that falls under having to draw the character over and over, so I get not wanting to do it. But you got a good reason why Satori wouldn't change clothes. I got some clothing shenanigans in the next chapter of Not Scrawny.

It's fine if Satori doesn't opt to wear pants. The super resilient gym shorts show off her legs and I don't think anyone would have the money for jeans that are just as good at containing ALL of her.

Oh, you don't have to walk on eggshells about Star Wras around me. I'm not some die hard fan. There are some shows from Star Wars I like, but I can admit they're far from perfect. I don't mind talking criticisms about things, so if you want, send me a note and we can get into it.

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