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Knives Greatest Fear

Yay, now in color ^_^

Lol, I like it its funny ... Knives hates me right now :D

Hope you like it :)

Drawing (c) Me
Vash and Knives (c) Yasuhiro Nightow

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Knives:do you not remember watching me crush one with my own hand in the past
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vash lacks the heartlessness to kill it.... I'm not so sure about myself....
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Vash: o_o;;
Meryl: Maybe he's the worse drunk....=A=;;
Milly: Ahahahaa! Mister Knives is so funny! ^w^

Lovely XD This picture made me fall for Knives XD
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XD Oh. My. Kami. This is too funny!! Poor Knives...My favourite character...What a poor show he makes seen like this!! XD Yeah, he is really going to kill you for this!!
Vash expression is simply fantastic! At the begining I hadn't seen the spider and so I was wondering what he was yelling at, a person or what else. Then I saw have simply been TOO much!!! XD
Wonderful drawing, I love your style, really!! :love:
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Thanks a bunch! ;P
Knives is my favourite as well :D
Yeah, I'm doomed TT-TT
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C'mon, it0s a funny thing after all!! We are just kidding!! And he would have killed us even if you hadn't drawn it!! XD
And I love everything that have him in it because in the manga he almost never appears until the end, despite the fact he is the main bad character...And how it ends!! So sad!!! It's not fair not at all!!
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Yeah, It's all mess with Knives cuz he's the tough guy ;P
I know !! DX
Such a sad ending .. yet, so happy ...
It's actually the only manga that made me sob in the end :')
Poor Knives, I wish he didn't get all f***ed up when Rem told him the truth.
I made two videos :D ---> [link] [link]
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Yeah, it's true in the anime is better because the two brothers save each other and then the end is open so you can imagine what's going to happen, how they're going to live and if they will finally be able to stay together onece again after all... :D I prefer to imagine a kind of happy future for them, not easy but quite good!!
The manga is a tragedy! I cried at the end...I couldn't help myself...Oh Hell, so sad!!!
I saw the videos: their are simply fantastic! a really god choise of images and especially the music is perfect!! congratulations! I don't have a youtube account so I can't rated them...but I want you to know that thery are really beatiful!! I don't even know how to make videos like those...Sob! I think I will created an account only for rating your videos!! u.u
Thanks for the links!! I really appreciated it!!
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Well, they do save each other in the manga too, only Knives uses his last powers to make a tree ...
I knoooww!! DX So sad right? :'(
Every time I read the last book I feel like sobbing TT-TT
And even though I feel really sad for Knives I can't help but feel really happy for Vash ^^;
Lets just say Knives disappeared to hide some where for a while, he'll come back :D
Or that's what I imagined anyway ;P

But yeah, the anime has its peaks but I think Knives character is much cooler in the manga.

Thank you very much, took me a while to do but I like how they turned out.
Which one did you like the best?
I think I kinda like the first one best, the one with the song "So Cold".

You're welcome :hug:
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As I said, the manga ends in a tragedy...Even if I have to say that I'm quite happy for Vash too. But how can he be really happy without his beloved twin brother?! Impossible u.u

I agree. In the manga Knives is cooler with no doubt...Why can't we exchange the ends?! It would be perfect...Cooler Knives and happy end in the manga!! :love:

Oh Planet, great idea!! Knives is just gone somewhere for a while...And he will appear again after some time!! But I hope not for destroying humans and especially for fighting his brother once again!! Just for staying with Vash in love and peace!! XD

It's hard to say which video is better...They are both wonderful...Well if I have to chose, I also prefer the first, even if I really love the second too (it's based on Knives, how couldn't I? XD). I prefer it especially because of the music. It made me shiver, more than the other, linked with the images. Maybe the firt have quite a sense of hope inside after all, instead te second express all the crasy obsessions of Knives and for some aspects it's quite scarying...Or maybe is just me that is out of mind!!
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Weeell, Gee I'm not sure if he really likes his brother too much since he kinda killed his mother figure (Rem) and most of the human survivors and continues killing of innocent people round them his friends through there 150 years of existence ...
Umm ... I'm suuuuure he loves him enough to make the loss of his brother unbearable on the long run ... Yeah, he, he. ^^;

No but honestly, I think he might still have some love there for his brother :D

Yeah, sounds like a really good ending! ^3^

Well, he kinda got his ass kicked there in the end so he probably realized his brother wont let him do any more crazy stuff :)

I don't really know aether, I kinda love the one with Knives in it as well ...
I guess the're about as good as one another? :D

*Sigh* Knives sama ... :love:
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Poor Vash! LOL :XD:
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Poor Vash! LOL :XD:
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i would do exactly the same 'cause i hate spiders -shivers-
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Yeah, me too D8
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Quick! Get Spiderman!
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Oh My God ! Knives greatest enemy !! :omfg:
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Spiderman : Spider sense is tingling!
Knives : OMG!!! Get it off me! Get it off! Get it off!! GET IT OFF!!!
Vash : *Holding a camcorder* hehehe... I'm soooo gonna upload this on Youtube
Vash : When you beat Spidey-poo, Knivy-poo!! <3

Meryl : Geez, what a bunch dumbshits... (-_-)""
Milly : Weell... I guess even evil masters have weaknesses...
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Yehyehyeh ! Vash put it on youtube, put it on YOUTUBE !!
Awesome, lol :D

Poor Knives *evil grin*
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