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The Marketplace : Process of

Here is the step by step process of "The Marketplace".
Done with Photoshop
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May I ask what are your dimensions?
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Dimensions of the picture are about 4000 pixels high.
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Your art is divine!Thank you for share us!
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so beautiful…‼ amazing art!!
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It's quite amazing!
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profy concept artist
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Awesome process!
Really nice creative line of thinking!
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I love how turned a vast landscape filled with people into a small alleyway, lol

Love this piece; thanks for the tutorial!
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this is awesome
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Nice tutorial, what brushes did you use?
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For this tutorial, I've used rather classic brushes (round or simple default ones in Photoshop), except a square shaped brush homemade and a more vertical one, like rectangular shape with bevel that I've used to define the basic idea and some refine.
Some homemade textured brushes were also used (using the 'dual brush function') for some rough effect.
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Saw this in ImagineFX, it was easily my fav picture in the mag that issue! so glade to find it here^^
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your workflow !
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I love the step by step process.
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thanks heaps for these man, they are very helpful and inspiring :)
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Nice! For the colors you just paint on top or use something like Overlay above the BW? :)
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Started with overlay layers to find an initial mood, then paint on top of it.
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Wow it's so cool to see the start and finish on this piece. It looks amazing.
Which brush do you paint with, if I may ask?
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I've used home made brushes, blending usual default Photoshop brushes with dirt like matter.
For the blending of the brushes, I've been using the powerful 'dual brush' option, in the brush setting.
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Hmm interesting. Thanks for sharing this info, it's appreciated immensely!
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