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Name: Cheuk Yan Cheng
Nickname(s): Max
Specialty: Healer
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6’ 0”
Region: Johto
Hometown: Goldenrod City

Skin Color: Yellow (Yue Chinese)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Business-man cut with medium length all around, short on the back, and tendency of combing to his right on the forehead.
Clothing and Accessories: Silver rimless glasses, blue grid shirt with tucked-in white T-shirt with red stripe on chest, blue jeans and black sneakers. Watch worn on left wrist, Mega Ring worn on right. While at work, exchange the blue shirt for a white doctor's gown. Wears a black suit-like jacket and a red scarf for winter.
Other Features: None

Voice: Taiyou Ozora (7:25) from Machine Robo Rescue

Likes:  Reading, tidy places, battles, the internet, peaceful sceneries, sleeping, Luther
Dislikes:  Stupidity, bad jokes, embarrassment

Personality: Introvert / Intelligent / Warm-hearted / Conscientious / 
Independent Oblivious / Insecure / Dense / Persistent

        Max is a quiet, polite young man who is kind of shy to strangers. He is a smart guy with knowledges in many trades, mostly on battling and healing art. Shy and cautious to strangers and opens up gradually once he began to trust you. Tends to have difficulties to open a conversation with strangers, too. Sometimes unwillingly offends others with his straightforward speech habit. Quite a loner and tends to be found alone enjoying himself on the island quietly.
        He takes his work seriously, often strife for perfection. He treats his patient kindly and softly, but he is quite stern in the workplace. Prefers to work alone, yet he is still sociable to other workers around him.

Max is a college student from Goldenrod City with Chinese ancestry. A professional Pokémon Trainer who won several Pokémon League Tournaments of different regions at fairly young age. Raised in a family of his professor father and doctor mother, he was taught to be independent at young age since his parents often gets home late. He started his own journey at age 11 with his Charmander, Charles, and his Riolu, Luther, both hatched together as eggs gifted to Max.
He moved to Pokémonsen after his retirement from competitive trainership. While escaping the nerve-racking city-life, he's hoping he can get relief from his social condition he doesn't want to talk about…

Additional Info: 
-Max has little and awkward sense of humor. Tread lightly on jokes or he may take it seriously and gets upset.
-He was diagnosed with Asperger at age 10, a year before he began his journeys. He is always conscious and proud of this but avoids talking about it with others, even to his Pokemon. Currently only Luther and Charles fully understands this condition.
-Max's mother is a doctor, and he learnt the healing arts from her.
-More precisely, his mother is a (Chinese) herbal doctor. That means he is more inclined to use herbs instead of common medicines while treating his patients.
-Chose to be healer because he simply likes helping others and make use of his knowledge in medicine.
-He is a jack of all trades who gladly fills in for others if needed.
-Being the only medical healer on the island so far his shifts in the clinic are typically longer than other fellow healers.
-His battle skills is fearsome. He does friendly battles sometimes but his competitive nature often compels him, and he has hard time dialing his strength because of it.
-Max's official record shows he won Indigo, Hoenn, and Sinnoh League Tournaments back in his days. He tried and lost Kalos in finals. 
-English, while fluent, is his second language. He natively speaks Chinese.
-Cheuk Yan is his Chinese name and he prefers not to be addressed with that name unless you speak Chinese with him. He will correct you for this, too.
-Once a week Max would head to mainland Kanto for his college classes. He is studying for an aerospace degree.
-He often speaks to himself while alone. Quite loudly, in fact.
-Has stunning accuracy on guessing what Pokémon around him is actually saying.
-Luther speaks to Max with his Aura telepathy, and often poses as Max's translator between his Trainer and other Pokémon around him.
-Extremely resists Z-moves since the pose is rather embarrassing for him. He prefers Mega Evolution instead.
-Has developed a technique of using multiple languages to command his Pokemon in battle to confuse his opponent. Since this takes time for his Pokemon to understand different languages, so far only Luther, Charles, and Davenport can do that.
-Often names his Pokemon with common names usually for human, so sometimes people around him might get confused as to who he is actually addressing to.
-Max's teammates other then Luther: Charles (Charizard), Davenport (Greninja), Ricardo (A. Raichu), Sandra (Mamoswine) and Olivia (
Gardevoir). They'd visit the island with Max from time to time.

Partner Pokemon: Lucario
Form: Normal
Nickname: Luther
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
Accessories: A wristband on his right hand with Lucarionite on it for Mega Evolution.
        Luther is one of Max’s battle team member and his favorite. Max hatched him from an egg received as a birthday gift when he was 7 and partnered for more then 13 years, longest among all Max's crew, along with Charles the Charizard. Royal, cheerful, less stern then a typical Lucario would look. Tends to be overprotective to his trainer. Doesn’t like to stay in his Poké Ball and refuses to leave Max’s side so the Trainer chose Luther to come along to Pokémonsen with him.

Max's Other Pokemon:
Pokemonsen: Max's PC Box

The character app for :iconpokemonsen: of another persona of yours truly. :lol: I need to get myself some inspiration to write and the product is this RP group. :3 Thank the Lord they finally opened up for the writers to join.

This is by far the least achieving counterpart so far but who cares lol
© 2016 - 2021 MaxCheng95
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I can't believe I just found this! Looking forward to rpying with you! (*cough* Allen *cough*
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And I might need to start learning how to flirting cheesy so I can write them right. :lol:
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XD Allen will be shocked to learn many people are going to flirt back.
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Oh, I don't know. I just might get into trouble trying to write cheesey flirts for him when he shows up on my stories. :lol:
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;) ;) ;)

(Darn it I enjoy writing his pick up lines way too much XD)
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Another healer! And he uses herbal remedies vs over the counter stuffs. He and Cinder (my peep) will have a lot to chat about in the doctor's office. =) 
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Eeeeeh another writer. Can't wait to see others come in :)
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