Pokemonsen: The Gengar Gang

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   The forest isn’t somewhere I would normally wonder into on my own, even with Luther on my side. Maybe it was the thrill or the curiosity that drives the thought of getting into the woods at this late hour. I’ve been thinking about this as I walked deeper and deeper into the woods with a flashlight on my hand. Luther has his own flashlight pointing at random direction as he keeps the pace closely behind me.

“You seen anything yet?” I asked, about 20 minutes into the forest.

(“Nope,”) Luther shook his head and replied with telepathy.

“Okay, let’s press on,” I turned my head back from the Lucario and continued walking.

(“You… are not scared at all?”)

Luther’s question had me stopped walking and turned fully back to Luther.

“Why, you scared?” I jokingly asked.

(“Of course not!”) Luther braved.

I laughed. “Let’s hope so, you’re the only one capable of fighting if something happens,” I said, patting his head.

(“D-don’t pat my head like that! I’m not a kid anymore!”) Luther protested, moving my arms away from him.

I only laughed and continued walking, leaving a blushing Lucario slowly following me.

(“Seriously though, you’re not scared?”) he asked again.

“Nah, knowing that they’re here somewhere is enough to make me not scared,” I shrugged. “You’ve met them before, you know how they used to get around and pranked us.”

(“I’d rather not bring up that hellish memories, thank you very much,”) Luther rolled his eyes.

We had our fair share of time spent in notoriously haunted places in other regions so I think we should be well aquatinted with them ghostly entities. That time in Lavender’s tower it took us a while to get used to the local’s prank. Maybe they realized I’m less scarible and they turned all their fun on Luther. It was so bad that it took him days to get over the horror and it still kinda lingers in him.

Now that he reminds me, he’s keeping a slightly bigger pace behind me then usual and he’s a little bit… shaky?

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked.

(“I’m fine!”) Luther shouted.

Then he realized something. In a sudden glimpse he thought he saw something flying before his flashlight, startled him so much he almost dropped his flashlight.

“Luther?” I turned to the Lucario, feeling the stuttering light.

(“D-d-did you see that!?”)

“See what?” I frowned and pointed my flashlight where he pointed. Now I can see even his light is shaking.

Just when I was about to ask further, we both felt someone tapped our shoulder from behind. I blinked my eyes and Luther stuttered, then we turned back.

Only to see a Haunter’s face with glowing red eyes, about 2 feet from our faces.


Luther’s scream ringed throughout the forest and I had to turn my head away from him.

Then another tap on our shoulder. We turned back around and saw a Gengar with a glowing red eye and a flaming green eye, staring even closer at us.


Luther screamed even louder that I had to turn sideways and cover my ears. Moments later his voice faded, and I looked back to the side only to realize Luther passed out from the horror.

I frowned and looked back up to the Gengar and Haunter, giggling and celebrating their another successful October Surprise.

“Good riddance, can’t you guys pick a milder way of scaring people?” I said annoyingly, while returning Luther into his Poke Ball. They then turned back to me, realized I’m not scared, or even fazed at their prank. Their laughter turned into confusion as the duo, now joined by Gastly, stared at me.

“Try as you might, I ain’t scared at all,” I laughed. “That may have worked for my partner, but it ain’t gonna work for me. Not when I already know you guys here in the first place.”

The gang sneered and gave me a “challenge accepted” look, but before they could do anything we began hearing hasted footsteps from not far away. The trio seems startled at the footsteps and immediately disappeared. I looked behind bewilderedly and watched two familiar figures approaches: Darian and his Typhlosion partner Buddy.

“Max? What are you doing here?” Darian asked, looking surprised at my presence.

“Taking a stroll out in the woods,” I shrugged.

“Alone? Where’s Luther?”

“Taking a nap in his Poke Ball.” I took out his Poke Ball and tossed it up and down.

“Wasn’t that dangerous wondering out here alone like this?” Darian asks.

“Meh, I can handle myself. Speaking of which…”

I noticed Darian has his sleeve up, and he doesn’t look like a guy with a good day.

“What happened to you though? Something wrong?” I tilted my head and asked.

“Yes! I’m looking for those pranksters for making Sonya cry with their pranks!” the fellow Healer growled. “Did you see them on the way here?”

“Nope,” I shrugged.

“We heard a scream nearby and we followed the noise to you,” he continued. “Did you know anything about that?”

I shrugged again. “No idea about that either.”

“I see… well, you take care, because I swear if I get my hands on them…” Darian smacked his fists together. “I’m gonna make them cry instead!”

“Okay…” I sweat dropped. “Be gentle with them, yeah?”

“Oh, I will. I’ll be very gentle with them. So long!”

I waved them off as Darian continued deeper into the woods with Buddy.

(Well, looks like even the naughtiest prankster has their bane.)

I lightly chuckled and turned back towards the exit.

Several days later, I’ve heard that the gang is now practically avoiding Darian and Sonya. I wonder what did Darian do to them in there…?

Oh, one more thing: Luther gets even more scared of Gengars and Haunters since that night. Poor guy.
Sorry guys, I just ain't the faint of heart kind of person. :lol: Luther tho...

For Pokemonsen 

Max and Luther by MaxCheng95 (me)
Darien, Buddy, 
and Sonya by Mattchudon
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