PMD-U Eurasia: A Dream

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By MaxCheng95
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        It was bad.

        It was real bad for the Pikachu.

        Only five minutes ago he was steadily treading in the foggy forest, trying to navigate himself out. The next thing he knew, he was being chased by a band of Ursaring for no reason. He was confident about his running speed, but there was no way he could outrun a group of fierce bears.

        One of them even caught up with him and gave him a good slash on his back.

        “Gah!” he cried in pain. He felt the blood flowing on his back, the slash was quite deep on him, he could tell.

        He was too focused on pulling away from the Ursarings behind him to notice the dead end of the road in front of him—a river. A strong flowing stream of a river. He fell right into it, without even realizing it.

        “What the—”

        The worst of all, he doesn’t even know how to swim.

        He tried to struggled himself up to the service, but the water kept pulling him down. That injury behind him also weakened him.

        Then he felt the painful thud. He hit a rock in the water…on his head.

        That was quite a knock-out blow. He felt to sharp pain on his head, and lost all his strength instantly.

        No! No, please… I don’t wanna die here… not now…

        He cried in his mind as he loses consciousness and sunk to the bottom, while he was slowly losing his breath…

                *              *              *              *              *


        Wesley abruptly woke up from his bed, panting heavily.

        “Holy shit…” he mumbled. “Was that… a dream?”

        The Rotom looked around his half-dark room laminated with his body. He felt his adrenaline rushing up as he pants. Minutes later he finally calmed down. He sighed and fell right back on his bad.

        “What a nightmare…” Wesley thought. “It’s really like how I really died.”

        He shrug it all off, trying not to think about his past life. He fell asleep once again with slight uneasy feeling, at least his mind is put at ease knowing he is safe here, no matter what.

For :iconpmdunity:

It's not that often I write creepy pasta stuff, but since Wesley's back story itself is creepy pasta so I wouldn't mind give it a try once a while. :lol: 

Wesley of Team Eurasia by MaxCheng95
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