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Today's special is Daisy butt, found only at participating :iconjklind:'s across the country. :)
I had to  give her a buttshot to balance out all the bewb shots she usually gets. ;)
Go check out some sweet short stacks at your local :iconjklind:'s
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Faithfeather's avatar
tush tush tush :3 <3
lonewolf23k's avatar
Hmm...  Truly a wise decision.  As awesome as her treasure chest looks, one must give the booty a good look too.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
Whoa very hot and sexy!
Faithfeather's avatar
:3 mmmmmmmmmm love this *rapid spanks*
Sirdan87's avatar
Now that's a sexy view.
darkar1's avatar
awesome as always
JKLind's avatar
The person holding the camera must've fainted, to get such a low shot.  :)
maxblackrabbit's avatar
Puddin could do it. ;)
JKLind's avatar
Puddin gonna get tazed, one of these days.  :)
princedargon's avatar
Or had one of those pervy shoe-mounted cameras ;)

Rozello's avatar
She's gotta do so many squats to support all that.
VKrull's avatar
Love the character and I love the rendition you did. And yes...her booty need some attention too! Great job on this :)
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