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Sleepless / step by step gif

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I love your work :3
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that's what i call talent
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Wow, this is amazing...! I don't think I can say any more to this... ♥♥
Amberineswirlsofdust's avatar
this is really amazing! how much I would love to learn how to do this! must take so much time though!
randompasserbyer's avatar
Holy crap... I just showed this to my Design teacher and she was blown away. :o
GraciellaHarger's avatar
Binary-Map's avatar
Great job my friend! :)
bjbon14's avatar
Do you have any tutorial on this one? I'd love to learn those lightings and how you matched it to the background so seamless. Great work!
hedwiglovesquidditch's avatar
tutorial please?? I love cropping and replacing backgrounds even though I suck at it. I try and practice each time. It NEVER looks as seamless as this. I'd love a tutorial with tips. This is beautiful. 
tavuntu's avatar
I second this
cookies-for-wookies's avatar
Hi, awesome work! I am working on a poster design and am wondering what did you use to get a perfect png to put into another image?
AkiraNekochan's avatar
Wow thats amazing! 
alexandreracine's avatar
Time it took you from start to finish?
Gretsch1962's avatar
Love how you changed the perspective in the background to match the portrait. Very impressive =)
LexLucas's avatar
Skillfully done. 
Fenxus's avatar
wow, that's awesome! teach me senpai!
DaiGojo's avatar
this is amazing 
artReall's avatar
Awesome! want to learn this!XD lol
pantyslime's avatar
i just wish the gif was a tad slower... i like watching what little changes are being made. but wow, really good job! what a great insight to photo manipulation, i love it.
brutalikyd's avatar
Wow... this is so cool.
Furious--Angel's avatar
OMG, thanks for sharing, this looks amazing!
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