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Notes of a madman / Speed art video

Speed art (Making of):
This is my new speed art. I hope you like it.

All stocks used under a Creative Commons license CC0 Public Domain.
Model's photo used with permission.
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© 2016 - 2021 maxasabin
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I'm not above begging for tutorials.I seriously i'm not Pleaaaaaaaaassssseeeee. Lol. I have come across a lot of manipulation art and I can honestly say yours has grabbed my attention for this year's last quarter. Your attention to detail is stunning and your color grading just makes me drool. I ask again...Pleaaaaasssseeee :D
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wow fucking EDGY!!!
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Прекрасная работа

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lol thats how i walk into school knowing what lies ahead
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Perfect description, same... xD
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Sadly, when "popular" youtubers use someone else's work to achieve their own success. I could throw a strike on this video, because he used my client's photo without permission, but I do not want to deal with such dirty methods. Let it be on his conscience.
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It's not fake lmao you dum?
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 how I look edgy vs. how I think I look edgy Britney Spears - X Factor Cringe 

love the way you colour textures btw, good job.
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For a second, I was gonna ask if he was holding a copy of 'The King in Yellow.' :o
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cool edit, what a fuckin edgelord lol
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OMG! you're epic! super nice (^___^)
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Diary of the Madmen. lol
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Oh God... when I see this I get jealous. Turn me into a witch, if U take requests... T_T
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this is crazy.. Nice bro
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Great concept!
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Damn u made it look like some crazy cool Movie Wallpaper. 10/10 would watch the movie!! :3
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You are very good!
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