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Space Compilation - FujiFilm Finepix HS50 EXR

By MaxArceus
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This is compilation photo the best photos of objects within the solar system I've been able to capture with my Fuji. With its 58mm wide lens, and 185mm long lens with combined with a tiny sensor, it's a pretty good for solar system imaging. Especially for the low price. Yes, for the same price you can get a better telescope, but with it, you can't also take normal photos. 

All these objects have been through Lightroom, and Registax. (aside from the ISS, which was a direct shot). I used the lucky imaging technique to get far sharper results than I'd otherwise have gotten.
I originally planned on not 'releasing' this compilation until it's complete, with all the planets. But.. I now own a telescope. With it, I'll be able to take far sharper images than with this. Any targets I'd missed, I probably won't be capturing on this camera anymore.

I tried to complete it, I honestly did. Mars could be better, and Mercury I tried to find. But to no avail. It was too hard to find so close to the sun. Uranus and Neptune would be very hard as well. 

But the rest I have.

The moon, the sun, the moon during a lunar eclipse, Jupiter with its moons. (1 moon is missing in the photo though), Mars, Venus in different phases, Saturn with Titan and Rhea, and even the ISS.

With my Nikon now for normal photos, and my telescope for space, the only thing I can still do best with this Fuji, is infrared photography.. But.. I feel like the poor thing is slowly going out of commission. It served me well. It was a great camera to start with.
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Amazing compilation, Max, and very well presented. For others looking at this --- ZOOM!

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