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Young Sheik

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Art Trade (Yeah it's rare but it happens) with :iconagu-fungus: of his version of Young Z... Sheik (from legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time) in training! Fixed the two right feet XD
His part :

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Je suis concentré sur ces orteils.

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Is that a kick or slipping on the water? I like the idea of Sheik being like "yeah, I totally meant to do that!"

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A kick, the blue thing is just background flavour ^^.

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God this is very nice. I love it. 
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Kick from above!
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considering the kiddy size I would have said "kick from below" XD
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Lol, typo, thanks XD
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What a beautiful movement and lovely colors! Looks like s...he was fun to draw XD Fantastic works both of you!! :3
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Thanks! Yes, this was a really fun character to draw, thinking about the young princess training for dark ages to come is dramatic if you think about it, but it's also kinda adorable =p
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Il est adorable!!!
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Choupi ! ^w^
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Excellente pose et l'effet est vraiment bien fait :love:
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Why do you specifically like drawing barefoot girls?  Not an accusation or anything!  Just genuinely curious.  :)
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Costume design is not mine here.

But more generally I have a knack for wild and tomboyish girls so this is a common characteristic. From there I suppose it got the interest of some people so similar designs are often asked on commissions and stuff.
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Freakin sweet work on this! For reals you did such a great job!
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