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Vampire Armour

Old drawing digitally painted (this is why I put it in miscellaneous). An unholy armour which contains the spirit of the bat, the Wolf and the fog.
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That is too awesome for words.
See now this is what a vampire should look like, not the stupid glowing vampire in twilight.
This is what a vampire should be...a badass.
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Hey =D i like your armor! I was wondering if you would like to make a collab.. =P
Maxa-art's avatar
Thanks ^^ Well sorry I'm pretty busy these days ^^.
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Wow ! That is REALLY Vampire Lord !
Very good job !
CyberStormXros's avatar
i love this pic it helped me finish one of my pics so i say compliments to the chef 
antimania's avatar
wow, that's nicely done
PhotographyRW's avatar
Freaking insane! LOVE it!
bloblord5's avatar
" Stare into the Abyss... you will see me"
Chapiou's avatar
Mon Dieu c'est magnifuqe T.T
J'en pleurerais presque tellement j'en ai mal aux yeux
MCR-Elf's avatar
This is beautiful!!
Nameless75's avatar
I love this armor :)
StarlingSilver's avatar
Holy shit! o-o Thats amazing lol great work =D
demonraven's avatar
Very nicely done. lovein the detail
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Hey there. Did you know your artwork could be used in a professional game? Well it can. Our team here at VisionXtreme have a group of 3 artists 1 coder and 1 Developer in the team. We need your help to design armour and character models for our game. Thanks so much I love your artwork!

Mendi Meyer at The VisionXtream Team
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Awesome stuff, I like the sword. Would you know anyone who might make those sort of fantasy weapons? If so, could you give me the link?
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u really do like the spiky armor dont u =)
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Muy beutiful

bet he's popular with the neighbor's kids :D
Dragon-Bat's avatar
Excellent job with the concept for the armor and exquisitely detailed!
AzakiShimo's avatar
sexy just like nightmare from soul calibur... XD
RX782Gundam's avatar
The amount of detail and the design of the amour is amazing! I faved and will look at some of your other work...
DarkNinjaZelda's avatar
It's beautiful! Excellent job on all the detail!
I dont know what to say .... It's just ... awe inspiring...
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