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Medecine Girl Amara

By Maxa-art
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More drawings on my TUMBLR or on my FACEBOOK page! My comic, "Les Chevaucheurs" (three volumes, french only) is also available. Get some sample pics HERE or order  HERE  for example !


Another tribal girl, that was supposed to be a quick work but...

Amara is a young medecine woman, and also an half elf.  She uses herbs and other things to make powders or ointments of various effects. She can also link her to the spirit world with appropriate drugs. (and remember, folks, smoking is bad, drugs are super bad XD)
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Vraiment superbe ! On dirait vraiment une hippie ! Elle est dans un état plus que second, porte une tenue légère et a les pieds nus et sales lol

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She's a cute elf
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She's a cute one, is her tribe forbade to wear shoes and sandals?
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I just think it's more tribal-ish that way.
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Ah, look like her feet can handle rough terrain and seems her toes are pretty dextrous.
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I see her a bit like a monkey haha ^^
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Depends if she smokes her herbal mixtures to get in touch with the spiritual world.
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Gorgous. I like it.
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The Medicine Girl Amara is really cute. ^^
Peace pipe anyone? Meow :3 XD

I enjoy your tribal girl characters very much. The brownish colors of the entire pic,
really does have that natural sense to the image. For a quick work, it came out really good.
Something like this would have taken me a long time. But I'm confident I'll reach that level
one day. It's a matter of inspiration and practice. :)

Well, there isn't much I could share in interpretation this time. This is one of those images that
speaks for itself. I enjoy the perspective of this pic. I feel like I'm sitting across from her, listening to
her wisdom that she's imparting as she reflects on things.

Amara: "You! Deviant Watcher! Heed my words. You will do well to reach out and connect with your fellow
clansmen. Be the support you hope to see in others and you will gain much benefit." *takes a puff of her pipe*

Me: "I see."

*Amara then hands me a little trinket*

Me: "Why thank you. Is it for good luck?  Or Am I...*leans closer and whispers* Am I the chosen one?"

Amara: "Silly watcher! It is Llama badge. Go forth and earn another." *gestures with her hand to shoo me away*

Me: "...kay." :| (Blank Stare)

XD Nice art work once again. Hope you enjoyed the read. :)
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Love the treatment of colors and shadows!
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Ca, c'est de la bonne...médecine. :)
Maxa-art's avatar
OUi voilà exactement XD.
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Elle a l'air vraiment 'out'. Avec des pupilles super dilatées, ce serait top! Quoi qu'il en soit, c'est superbement réalisé
Maxa-art's avatar
Haha oui ça aurait été un détail sympa, je voulais sans doute qu'on voit quand même l'iris ^^.

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Woah ! . Bravo ! bravo ! 
J'adore ! D: !
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Une demoiselle qui plane un peu loin dans les nuages =D
Très beau boulot en tout cas !
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Fumer de la drogue, c'est mal m'voyez... Ganja Smoker

La pauvrette a l'air complètement défoncée ! XD

Excellent boulot, comme d'hab' !
Maxa-art's avatar
On ne dit pas "je suis défoncée" (en plus quand on est une fille parfois ça stimule les esprits tordus)  mais "je communique avec les esprits" XD
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Très joli.
T'as utilisé une méthode de mise en couleurs par niveaux de gris ?
Maxa-art's avatar
Merci !

La base est en niveaux de gris, oui, même si ça reste assez spartiate, je suis allé jusque là :… et ensuite je suis passé en couleurs.
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