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Drow Prodigy

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Published: March 10, 2012
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Hey, you know, it would be really nice that we could use anime/manga ALONG WITH fantasy, sci-fi etc, because choosing between the two is REALLY a hassle.

Well, back to business, commission for :iconhitomiboy:, a young Drow shadowcaster/mage prodigy and her raven pet from another plane.

Casting a spell in a library is a bad idea.
Castng two spells in a library is a really bad idea
Casting a fire spell in a library is a extremely good idea if you seek trouble.

(by the way, libraries are long to paint !)
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Really good job indeed! I also think that elves/drow in particular appear way more beautiful in an anime/manga style (particularly your style!)
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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Thank you ! Kinda agree wih you, maybe because anime is less realistic so these races and skin color blend better ?
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A really superb piece of work.
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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Thank you ! :D
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Silverwolf51Hobbyist Writer
prodigious indeed! This is amazing!
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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Thank you ! ^^
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PurpleGumdropsYumHobbyist General Artist
Love your style! :D
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Pure awesomeness.

Any chance I can display this image on my website? Full credit will be given.

And While I'm at it, could I please display these as well?


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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Thank you !
For this picture, You will have to ask to the comissioner of the picture :iconhitomiboy: if it's okay. No problem for the other two, and thanks for the credits ^^.
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Okay. I'll do that, then.

Thanks for letting me use the other two images.
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ArcEarthHobbyist Traditional Artist
She's so cute! i used her as a reference for my campaign's NPC!
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galacticpinkHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd go with the fantasy direction myself. XD But I think that would be a better change to categories than "HERE LET'S MAKE THE 'PEOPLE' SECTION OF PORTRAITS MORE COMPLICATED".

Major congrats on the DD!
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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Well, let's say that "anime/manga" is more like a style and fantasy/casual/fanart/whatever is more like a theme, so having to choose between a style and a theme seems pretty silly to me. And I agree, there is so much categories in the people selection ! ^^U

Thanks !
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galacticpinkHobbyist Digital Artist
Personally I think they should stick with themes, but the animanga fan community (as a whole, because I AM a member... XD) would probably flip all their lids if they got rid of that category soo... Then again, deviantArt categories have always been a bit of a crapshoot and often one has to pick what feels right at the time. XD
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This reminds me of Castlevania. :clap::iconcookie-plz:
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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Thank you ! :D
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On not choosing between anime and SciFi/Fantasy: SECONDED! Thirded! And enough whole-hearted agreement for ten dozen people right here!

I absolutely LOVE the coloring - dark and with plenty of colors, but it's all subdued enough to gave that ancient, worn-in look. I'd love to have those shelves in my room, and the window designs look amazing. (Imagine reading by the light of the full moon through THOSE gorgeous frames...!)

The outfit's awesome - so detailed, so EPIC in its layers and flourishes! That dark energy looks like something you do not want reaching out for YOU. Brilliant contrast between the fire's glow and the otherwise "cool" colors of the scene... Not to mention you just have so many LINE STYLES here that it's absolutely exciting! Not an inch of this piece is boring, and the frame of moving papers captures the most exciting element - the SPELLCASTING - with such promise of interesting things to come!

And now you've got me wondering what else lies beyond that corridor, what other scenes are just waiting to be discoveredin that library- and in your pictures, what stories they have to tell...

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KaoruxChanStudent Artist
this looks hot and wow just awesome 
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ForgottonKeybladeStudent General Artist
This is amazing!!!
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loving the detail you placed in it.
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LolitheLeopardHobbyist General Artist
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation! You deserve it!
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ZumoarikutaHobbyist General Artist

Wont the Raven be more of her Familiar?

Amazing breath taking I love it. You deserve the DD.

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Maxa-artProfessional Artist
Well yeah it's a familiar, it's just a way to not to sound too serious :)

Thanks !
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