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Dragon Quest - Hyunckel

By Maxa-art
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Hyunckel, Commander of the Undead Knights division.

I finally took a little time to do some "Dai no Daibouken" fanart. This manga is old but great, And I really love that armor design (and yes, it have a whip sword on the helmet).
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Wicked cool styley and detail!
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j'ai des tomes de cette série, mais c'est très incomplet. j'dore ce manga "fly"
Maxa-art's avatar
C'est un classique !
La première édition française est également réputée pour sa traduction...euh...empirique.
Hergman's avatar
moi je l'ai bien aimé
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OMG It's Epiiiic i love it
:D (Big Grin) Hug 
hyunckel is my favorite character
Heart Heart 
thanx for that :happybounce: Heart Love 
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My favourite caracter!!!!
areliusmars's avatar
My favorite character from the series alngside Baran or Balan the Dragon Lord! 
Maxa-art's avatar
Agreed on Baran, on the villain's side I loved Hadlar and  old Vearn too (mystvearn was a little dsappointing in the end ^^). But Pop remains one of my all time favourite characters ! :D
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Le rendu de l'armure et des effets de lumières est génial. Ce fan art me rappelle beaucoup de souvenir. Ah, l'édition pourri de J'ai Lu de quand j'étais gosse, une expérience unique...
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Ah, Enki et la botte de l'Immortel X)
Hyunckel-kun's avatar
Wow nicely done. It looks like a painting but... it's 100% digitally made (computer software) ?

Nice anyway.
Maxa-art's avatar
Yupp, 100% digital.
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But it still looks gorgeous. Did you use the pose Hyunckel has in the 11th book (I think against that frost dragon knight looking like an hippopotamus) ?

I think that's the best pose to use as a model. If you did this 100% by memory, than kudos to you :D

Maybe there are some good snapshots from the anime that could serve as model, the movies didn't have any iirc.
Maxa-art's avatar
OH, nonono, I didn't do this by memory ! I am terrible at remembering things so I took a picture as reference (the one you mentioned, I only took it for the design accuracy, though) ! I just wanted to make a simple drawing for fun of a design I like, so I didn't embarrassed myself with many things ^^U.
Hyunckel-kun's avatar
Hey, no shame here, I do the same :D
Yeah, gotta love that demonic armor =) I was so sad when Hyunckel got his lance armor... The sword one is much more badass ^_^
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freaking incredible, great work
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Me recuerda a Dragon Quest: Las Aventuras de Fly
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amazing dude i tottaly love this char bro awesome job :D i aprove this jajajaja :D
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haaa Hyunckel j'adooore, ca fait plaisir de voir une deviation sur lui *-*
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hyunkel owns, too bad theres not many deviations of him
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Hello, didn't expect this to appear here. Kudos for awesome work!
...And just like that I want to learn more about "Dai no Daibouken!" Good job!
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