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Bone Tribe Girl

By Maxa-art
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Check my TUMBLR or my FACEBOOK  page for extra drawings !


Random tribal girl for fun. I admit I have a weakness for tribal girls (along many other things).
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15-16, I'd say?
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Creepy and cute XDD
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Well, it's not that creepy if you imagine that there aren't human bones! (the skull isn't that's for sure !)

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Although sure that all the dogs of the place go after her XD

your welcome nwn
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Oooh, she's so cute. Haha, I've been cleaning my PC and noticed that I've got more then half of your gallery downloaded xD
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Awesome work, very cute!~
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Thank you very much ! :D
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Not saying the image itself isn't good, it is amazing... but the proportions and the pain-in-the-butt parts such as feet and hands are done SO WELL!!
She also looks like a lot of fun, yet at the same time I get the feeling that her idea of a good time involves that dagger... xD
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Thank you! Yeah you're right about those pain  in the butt parts even if I find feet easier than hands for whatever reason (in fact I know exactly why, it's because of those damn fingers)

Well at least she doesn't seem to wear many human bones, that's sort of comforting XD.
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I have somewhat had a little bit of success SOMETIMES with hands and fingers... I think my latest piece was a step backwards on the hands, but I feel like I made progress on drawing the feet! ^^;
All I need to do is continue trying to draw the darn things. =P
Maybe it's because I need to draw more human or at least humanoid art... ^^;
Actually I think I had done well in one of my pieces for both of them a while ago... I just need to keep it up. ^^;

Somewhat comforting, yes. Other than that it looks like she has quite the personality and likes to be a bit of a prankster... something I most certainly can appreciate (as long as there are no repercussions) - I sometimes partner up with people to gang up on some of my other friends, heheee~ xD
I also have to add you to my watch list and be sure to go through your gallery... well, at least some of it, I still have assignments and projects due soon, haha... ^^;
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This is awesome!  Thank you for sharing it with :iconprimitive-fantasy:.  :)
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Elle est super mignonne et réussie ^^
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Je veux son chapeau =D haha !!
Elle m'a l'air vachement sympathique cette petite ! J'adore son sourire ! Elle ressemble un peu à mon chat... avec ses yeux brillant semblant dire : "hé hé... trouvé ! Tu veux bien jouer maintenant ? "
(et c'est là où tu prends la fuite xD)
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Une fille enjouée qui aime bien gambader dans la jungle... chasser des animaux...

...pour s'habiller avec...

...mais seulement les os... XD
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Mais c'est pour le côté musical voyons ^^ ! Et puis, sérieusement, il doit faire chaud où elle est. Comment veux-tu qu'elle s'habille avec leur peau ? Il faut penser esthétique et confort xD !
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