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Explorer’s Guild: Torch
Date Joined: August 19, 2019
Current Funds: 0st


Pokemon Species: Cyndaquil
Nature and Characteristic: Brave, Strong willed
Gender: Male                Age: 15
Ability: Blaze

Strength: 2           Agility: 2
Intelligence: 3      Charisma: 3(+2)

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Fire-Charisma

-Flame Wheel

Accessory 1:

Accessory 2:

Accessory 3:

========== WRITTEN TEST ===========

A single streak of blue sky between the dense clouds above Andalusst City marked the start of an unpredictable morning and it seemed like rain or shine could develop at a whim. The assorted traders and pedestrians mulling about seemed to be a little wary, trying to park their stalls and carts in shaded areas or making efforts to keep their dry produce hidden away for now.

While the Explorers Guild Hall wasn't exactly the most eye-catching building, it still had a somewhat homely feel to it, even though Markus had only just finished registering. The Explorers seemed to have had a certain unmistakable aura to them, though one in particular happened to meet his gaze.

The Servine leaning against a nearby wall inclined her narrow snout toward you and gave a little nod, her bright eyes briefly visible under the shadow of her hat.

"Hey... New, are you?" She speaks with a hint of caution, but her tone is otherwise welcoming. "Hmm, stupid question. 'Course you are, I saw you sign in. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."

Markus gave a friendly laugh in response, partially amused by the Servine answering her own question, but gave her a good-natured smile once he finished.
“Name’s Markus, leader far only member of the Explorer’s newest team,” he answered.

Upon receiving this response, she relaxed a little, folding her small arms across her chest.
"Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that "zing". It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

Markus laughed again.
“Hahaha!  Good one.  ‘Serperior’,” he replied. “Well, I look forward to working with you, Teresa.”

Teresa extended one of her thin, green vines and noded, expecting a handshake even though she kept her arms folded.
"So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?"

Markus took Teresa’s vine in one of his stubby forepaws and shook it.
“Nah, I’m a local,” Markus answered as he let go. “Just...thought I’d finally get around to signing up for the Explorer’s guild.”

Satisfied with your answer, Teresa nods and withdraws her vine.
"Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

At this, Markus gave a nod and stood up to strike what he must of thought was some kind of heroic pose.
“Introducing...Team Torch!” Markus announced. “To provide a guiding light that leads others to safety!” With a chuckle, he fell back on all fours and blushed a bit. He had been practicing that introduction for the past couple weeks and now that he had the opportunity to show it off...he felt a little embarrassed, yet proud at the same time. “Heh...I considered ‘Team Soldiers’ for a while, but without other people joining me right didn’t quite fit. I eventually settled on Torch after thinking about it a little. It has a cool, inspiring meaning behind it and...well, given my ability to make fire burst out my back, it kinda makes sense.”

A smile crept over her narrow features when she heard the given name of Markus’ team, though it was ambiguous as to whether she found it inspiring or amusing for other reasons.
"There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party."

Markus gave a nod.
“Yeah, I know,” he reassured. “I’m excited to get started, but...I’m kinda new and inexperienced. Heh. Gotta start small and grow from there, right?”

She taps the side of her snout, then clicks her tiny fingers as another question enters her mind.
"Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..."

“Oh, that’s an easy question!” Markus replied without hesitation. “I’ve read some of your pamphlets around town and...well, it sounds like you guys mainly help people who need help and explore uncharted territory. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to do--help out others and see new places. Like...exactly. If that’s what this guild’s all about, then I’m all for it.”

She listened patiently to the explanation, but as soon as Maekus was done with the tale, she immediately began speaking again, her words leaving her mouth more rapidly and urgently than before.
"...Because ultimately, the people come first, yeah? There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!"

“I won’t forget,” Markus promised, quickly shifting to a more serious look and giving a nod before returning to his usual smile.

Teresa swayed her leaf-adorned tail from side to side and tapped her foot, momentarily distracted by her own thoughts--a wanting grin plastered across her face. When she snapped back to reality, she lifted her snout into the air and cleared her throat.
"N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think."

Markus opened his mouth to speak, paused, then fell silent as he tried to think of something.
“...Well...I’m determined,” he answered. “I never give up, no matter how many times I get knocked down. Apart from that...well, people say that I have this sort of...way of speaking when times are tough. I don’t know. I guess it inspires them to keep going? I don’t know about that, though, I’m just--.”

Even before Markus finished properly answering, Teresa clicked her fingers and pursed her lips, as if hearing that mythical zing yet again.
"I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help."

Markus laughed again, but nodded.
“Yeah!  Exactly!” he answered. “I...think I get what you’re trying to say, at least. Haha. Anyway, thanks! It was nice to meet you, and I’ll be sure to look for you if I need any help with anything.”

Sounding much more cheerful than when she'd first approached, she gave Markus a little wave and turned to immediately engage another group of recruits nearby, no doubt asking them similar questions. The life of a Guild Assistant must be a busy one.

Starting off, we have Markus. Those who were around during my PMD-E days might recognize him better as “Max”. I’ve opted to give him a name-change because...well...having more than one character named “Max” is not only confusing, it also felt a bit narcissistic for me. I didn’t have that mindset at the time of his original creation, so he kept the name at the time. After a bit of self-reflection, I decided that a name-change was needed for any kind of reboot with this character and the only one in my roster who would keep the name “Max” is the red doggy.

Markus retains his usual personality from PMD-E--namely, a helpful, adventurous teenager who’s a natural-born leader, despite being the youngest in the group. Markus is...probably the only one of these three who has anything resembling a normal childhood. He’s got two loving parents, lives middle-class, and just...generally has a healthy lifestyle. He’s just a naturally good kid with an adventurous spirit.

Side note: has been AGES since I uploaded anything to DA. Kinda forgot how the layout was.

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