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Hunter’s Guild:Team Loner
Date Joined: August 19, 2019
Current Funds: 0st

Merits: 0
Strikes: 0

Pokemon Species: Pikachu
Nature and Characteristic: Naughty, Likes to fight.
Gender: Male                Age: 16
Ability: Static

Strength: 4           Agility: 3(+2)
Intelligence: 1      Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Electric-Agility

-Iron Tail
-Quick Attack
-Double Team

Accessory 1:

Accessory 2:

Accessory 3:

========== WRITTEN TEST ===========
Above Leon stood one of the few restaurants around Andalusst that could be considered ritzy, Café Obscurité. The name was often looked upon as ironic due to the establishment's success and popularity. Many can't afford to dine here, but it is where the Hunters have invited your team to speak with a Guild representative. Hopefully they don't expect you to pay...

Leon let out a disinterested huff at the sight of the restaurant. He couldn’t see the appeal of the place from outside and he thought the name sounded stupid. Granted, he had never eaten here before, but he already felt like it was being pretentious by simply existing. Nevertheless, he pushed the doors open and walked inside.

The moment Leon stepped foot inside, the Pokémon at the front desk approached and showed him to a table. It was located in one of the darker corners of the already-dim establishment and was already attended by a sly, smiling Furret with a blue newsboy cap. The Hunters representative, you realize, though he hardly seems like a good fit for the present surroundings.
"Hey, pull up a seat. Order your favorites; this one's on the Guild's checkbook," he greets with a quick wave.

Leon raised an eyebrow at the Furret but silently obeyed, taking a seat across from him.

Shortly after Leon got situated, an Empoleon waiter arrived at the table and passed a fancy-looking menu to everyone present. A number of higher-class dishes are represented on it, along with equally high-class prices.
"The usual," the Normal-type commented with disregard, gently pushing the menu back against the Empoleon's chest. The waiter merely rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Leon, waiting expectantly for him to order.

Leon looked over his menu with disinterest glazed over his green eyes. He’d never been here before. How was he supposed to know what was good? Everything available looked fancy. Why? What was wrong with simple? Fed up, Leon closed the menu and handed it back to the Empoleon.
“I’ll just...have whatever he’s having.”

Once he has everyone's orders, the waiter shoots one last annoyed glance at the strange fellow, who appears unfazed, before walking off.
"No sense of humor," the Furret remarks with a shrug before lazily slumping back in his seat. His gaze doesn't settle on anyone in particular--as though he's simply staring off somewhere.

"The name's Cuffin, but I'm sure you've already heard of me. No need for introductions on your part, I already know who ya are," Cuffin says with another sly smirk, tapping his paws together. "So... I work for this kid, Sundance. He made me promise to ask ya a few things before I go off on my own thing. He'll get his feathers in a bunch if I don't, so humor me. First things first: why do you wanna join the Hunters?"
The last question is accompanied by a roll of the eyes and a dramatic recitation, as if driving home the fact that he's being forced to ask this.

Leon paused for a moment, perplexed by how the Furret knew who he was. With a dejected sigh, Leon shifted in his seat and leaned on the table.
“You guys are kinda tight-knit, right?  You’re not afraid to cross any lines, either, from what I hear. Plus...y’know...the Hunters.  It sounds like a group who’d get into a few scrapes. I dunno...I guess...I just want to be a part of something, but the Researchers sound like a bunch of nerds and the Explorers sound like a bunch of goody-two-shoes. The Hunters kinda sound a bit like a family, though...and that’s not something I really ever had…”

At the very least, Cuffin looked interested as he listened. Perhaps it wasn't the question itself he was so annoyed about.
"All right. Respectable, yeah. Down the list..." The scruffy Furret reached for a parchment already settled upon the table. Rather than hold it up to read, he crumpled it in his paws rather rudely, then promptly tossed it over his shoulder.
"What can you bring to the Hunters? What skills or talents can you utilize for us?" Once again, his recitation of the question is somewhat mocking.

Leon’s brow furrowed at the tone, but he managed to compose himself enough to answer.
“Well, I’m good in a fight for starters,” he answered. “So, if you need someone to fight something tough, I’m your guy.”

"Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I guess we'll get to see some of that soon enough. Don't get me wrong; your answer don't mean you're gonna be taken or thrown out. This is basically... formalities..."
Cuffin paused, tilting his head upward thoughtfully.
"...Yeah, formalities. I think that's the word he used. Whatever that means."

A grin came over the Furret's fuzzy face as he readied himself for his next question, lowering the register of his voice.
"This one's more interestin', to the little guy's credit. Are you against doin' things that the Royal Guard ain't gonna like if they catch ya doin' em?"

Leon almost laughed at the question.
“Of course not,” he answered with a smirk. “I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself at odds with them in my regular, day-to-day life--just over some misdemeanors, like a stolen apple...or ten. Guy’s gotta eat, right?”

The Normal-type's pointed ears twitched at the reply.
"It ain't me, just sayin'. I know well enough that if yer here, then you an' I are prolly already aware of the answer to that question. I just needed somethin' to tell the kid."

“Uh...yeah, sure,” Leon replied, returning to his default expression of disinterest.

With a sigh of relief, Cuffin tossed his hands in the air, then at the sides of the chair dramatically.
"Whew. All right, enough of that stuff. The kid is on the right track, but sometimes it seems like the royals crammed a stick really far up there, if ya know what I mean. All these "formalities" and junk... anyway, the rest is straight from me."

“What do you mean?” Leon asked.

He looked left, then right... but given the way his bright eyes are never quite focusing on Leon, this seemed to be one of those "formalities" of his own. He then began to explain in an oddly sincere fashion, "You already know the basic stuff, so I'm gonna level with ya. Truth is, the Hunters are all about knowin' things about everybody else. Yer gonna learn secrets that nobody else will know. It'll change the way you look at this whole city, and yer prolly not gonna like what you see, but you'll always know exactly what's goin' on under the coat of sugar. I wouldn't blame ya if you'd rather go hang with a Guild that doesn't deal in the worst of what Andalusst can offer."

Leon paused for a moment, looking unimpressed by the end of his explanation.
“...Cuffin...I live in the slums...I frequently get in trouble with the law...and I live for a good fight. If that last thing is something the ‘worst of Andalusst’ can provide, then I’m already sold and I’m not going anywhere. Besides...maybe I can give you all some information you’re not yet aware of.”

Cuffin's non-serious demeanor returned with a smirk at Leon’s response.
"Is that so? Well... to be honest, I would've blamed ya, actually," he jokes with a lightly teasing tone. "Who doesn't wanna know everything about everybody? Life is all about keepin' yer options as open as possible 'til the right moment."

“Exactly,” Leon responded with a smirk of his own.

Just then, the waiter came into earshot, flippers laden with everyone's orders. As he hesitated with the platter containing Cuffin's meal, one can't help but wonder if he's contemplating on spitting in it. The Furret doesn't appear to be looking at him anyway... and Leon began to suspect that he couldn't even if he wanted to. The silver platters were placed on the table with mild clatter, but Cuffin faced Leon again before paying them any mind.

"Before we eat..." he interrupts, reaching down and palming the nearest glass. He holds it up and forward across the table. "Let's toast, to the new recruits," Cuffin proposes, though he leans in and adds with a whisper, "...That's you, just so ya know."

With a satisfied smirk, Leon took his own glass and gently kissed its rim against Cuffin’s. He was looking forward to getting started.

Ah, Leon...the Pikachu form of angst incarnate. =P Leon lives in the lower-class area of Andalusst under a neglectful family. He doesn’t get abused or starved or anything, his parents just...don’t care. He receives the bare minimum amount of attention from them--meaning that they’re aware he exists enough to remember to provide him meals...but that’s about it. He doesn’t get scolded for acting out or stealing or getting into fights, doesn’t get punished for it, either.

This is also pre-Markus Leon. So he likely won’t be the begrudging good guy he was in PMD-E. He’ll likely be a bit meaner and less inclined to help others if the guild gives him the option to be selfish. Beyond that, he’s pretty much the same: loves a good fight, but hates to kill--considers it cowardly. He's also blunt, rude, a bit of a delinquent, and swears...a lot more than he did in this application. xP Wanted to keep it PG.

He also primarily uses Iron Tail as a shield. So he still has that little quirk going for him.

Edit: Upon looking over what exactly the Hunter's Guild has become evident to me that Leon may have been at odds with them somewhat, given his past. xD Apparently they're the primary police and surveillance force in Andalusst (and Leon has definitely stolen stuff before). So...I'm thinking that his joining has less to do with a surrogate family and more just for better opportunities to fight...and maybe learn to grow up a little by working to uphold the law and keep the peace (in his own way). Maybe he'll eventually come to see them as a family anyway, but not by looking for such a thing.

I'll keep the written test as-is, though. I don't consider the interaction canon and I feel like it's a bit late to change up some of the answers anyway.

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