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April 29, 2015
Time Machine small by max4ever
Featured by MidnightExigent
Suggested by PeppermintSoda
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Time Machine small

Started this one some time ago, but never got time to finish it. 3D max mostly with some PS paint-over.
I've started it without a clear idea of where I wanna take it...just went with the flow. I'll attach a brief making off, with different stages of the process. The concept went all over the place, just random ideas and compositions. :)
3D Max and Photoshop
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Beautiful work!!!! Reminds me of a more fantasy-version of the city of Petra in Jordan. Great job!
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Wonderful creation.
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

BartRobert's avatar
Awesome work ... :)
charlottegreen's avatar
Great. I like the angle you chose.
DeviantCroissant's avatar
Awesome! Is that a car?
Zekkentak's avatar
Why do I get a strange sense of familiarity from this :o
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holy crap!   thats amazing!
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It's somewhere between Gallifrey and Middle-earth, with some lovely Middle Eastern and steampunk touches. There are so many little details to take in. That writing, for instance - Chinese? Arabic? Invented language? What does it mean, and what secrets does it speak of? And that badass guy with the cape and the scepter. Is he a time traveller from some distant future, hence the title? Is that hot ride his time machine? Has he come to these ruins to save some long-lost secret from destruction or obscurity? And what's with the scepter thing, anyway? Futuristic ray gun? Or could it be a stolen artifact he's come to return to it's rightful place or owner on a quest of repentance? Perhaps only it can unlock some ancient vault containing incredible treasure and unspeakable horror? What if, when placed in a room at a specific time of day, when the sun arcs in at just the right angle, it will reveal the location of the tomb of the last of the gods, where one can discover their secrets of infinite power and nigh-eternal life? 

Okay, sorry, I'm just going off on a tangent here. It's just really, really visually impressive, and I love filling in the gaps like this. Thanks for drawing this and inspiring my imagination :)
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It's really nice work! Congrats on the DD
NismyFForm's avatar
The architectural detail is unreal! Just amazing! :clap:
Feniiku-Arts's avatar
This is absolutely amazing, I love the details in the structures all the way down to the rocks on the ground, I thought it was a photograph from the thumbnail at first. For something you say was built on the flow, it's incredibly consistent and I think I could stare at the details for hours :D

Ps: congrats on the DD!
Jabber-Wock's avatar
I love the detail and the architecture! The wings on the dragons look a little top-heavy tho. If they were made of stone, they'd break right off, so I guess they're made of metal? The rest of the architecture doesn't seem to use metal, tho. The far dragon's got a joint where the wings and the body meet, so it'd make sense if they made the statue itself out of stone and the wings out of metal, then painted or gilded the whole thing to make it look uniform. Unless I'm just thinking about it too hard and the entire statue is metal...
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Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!
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great illustration
PeppermintSoda's avatar
Very detailed and realistic. :)

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nice work .... reminds me a bit of....

Img 20150423 171918379 Hdr[1] by corso75   
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Congrats on the DD! :dalove:
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
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A really eye catching render! I love the angle; it makes me feel quite small in comparison to the crazy majesty of the place. Really love the colors as well. And the details in this are just insane, from the writingon the building to the perfectly done tire treads. Beautiful work!
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