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This one was inspired by one of the best artists ever, Ralph McQuarrie. I know the composition is not the most fortunate one. The initial sketch had a simple "one point perspective" composition, but I've tried to experiment with something more complex...and failed :)) That's why it's called trial and error. Anyway, I've put too much effort into it to throw it away, so here it is. Max for 3D, Photoshop for painting.
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Bruh I remember back in Kyiv, ukraine in 2012 I was in a mall with my family and I saw this movie theater that is about this cool 4D stuff you can see but then when I looked at the walls outside of the theater which were potrayed with many cool digital art, I then saw your own work of the spaceships lol.
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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This is incredible.
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You call this a failure? :) This picture is Epic. Yes, with capital "E". It's so awesome.
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Best image ever!
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That's really cool.  I just started learning to paint with Photoshop and stuff and this kind of thing seems a long way off.
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Hehe, don't get scared, this is 70% 3D. There's no way I could have painted this from scratch :)
here's some more info about the image:…
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Okay.  :)

It turned out awesome.
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one of the best works out there..
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Fantastic detail, especially with the battle set just above the world's surface and not in space. Great impact.
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I have currently bought a book with this picture on cover :D Awesome
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Well, If this is failure, I can't wait to see your success!
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Awesome stunning amazign pic :la::la::la:
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This picture is perfect in every possible way!!! I love it!!!!
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Beautiful image! Good job![link]
How did you make this??!
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i would like to ask one thing of you! could you make one like this but with something like starwars? pleeease
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holy shit! this is amazing! like something i've wanted to draw/paint in a long time great work of art man!
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Ok, the quality of this work is simply insane :iconinsanesmileplz:
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amazing work
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