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I dont want to work anymore... and the dolar is not helping... god 1U$s= 8 AR$ ... and not counting 35% interest in credit card and 50% import fees... god lord!!!

:iconzseibar: taggedme
i did this tag a long time ago but i will respond your questions boy.

pfff boy...

but first 10 random things about me.

1) I walk to my work and in the travel i do alot of storys like fan fics and original ones.
2) I Hate working with clients... omfg i hate ppl.
4) i wish i have some magic power
5) I started to play Table Rpg this year and i love it.
6) i wish to dont work anymore... i want money only
7) I tried to do a manga... wtf dude... wtf...
8) i want to do an story with another person...
9) Im really bad to write...
10) i really want a super power...

:iconzseibar: questions!

1) how do you deal with criticism?

Im bad with it. 'cause im stupid to understand with simple things like ¨its head is really big¨ ¨the angle is wrong¨ and those things.
Good criticism and well explained to me i apreciate more than a compliement.
cause its a really big help
something like.
¨ its seems that you have problems with x you should try doing y like

2) do you listen to music while drawing?if so, what kind of songs?

Mostly  vocaloid voice covers songs like Rolling girl in english, anata ni hana by hanatan

OST Music

and epics songs like Ghost Love Score XD

its depends on the mod.

3) what do you like the most about your art?

Nothings... i dont like it really... in my most good time i liked my outfinds.

4) what do you feel should improve?

Everything... i wish to draw quick with a stile... i think i dont have one...

5) what's the hardest thing to draw?


6) when you see something about a drawing you don't like, do you speak up or do you keep it to yourself?

I speak it up if i see the way to improve it or to help. ( if i dont know how i think that i dont have the right to do it)

7) do you care about your pageviews?


8) do you show your drawing to people in real life?

Friends only, i dont like to do it.

9) do you ever leave drawings unfinished?

see my gallery and tellme... god i suck

10) do you like drawing stuff out of your comfort zone (stuff you wouldn't usually draw)

no... i suck at drawing in MY CONFORT ZONE... soo you see...
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